10 Fun Facts About The Brain

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Your brain is an amazing instrument!

Below are 10 fun facts about the brain.


Fact 1: Most of the brain's weight is water. The solid part is made up of fat

Most people think the brain is completely solid but this isn't true at all.
75% of the brain is actually made up of water!

The "solid" part of the brain is actually made up of fat and is about 10-12%
of the brain. The rest of the brain is made of proteins, carbohydrates and salts.  

Fact 2. There are 100,000 miles of blood vessels inside the brain.

This means that if you put all of your brain's blood vessels in a straight line, you
could wrap them around the whole earth four times! Amazing!

Fact 3: Your brain generates between 10-23 watts of power.

This is enough to power a light bulb!

Most of the energy of the brain is used for brain cells to communicate with one another.

Fact 4: Eating non processed foods raises IQ scores
According to a New York study, if you eat a lunch that doesn't have any artificial
flavors or preservatives you can score 14% better on IQ tests! Amazing!

Fact 5: Every thought you have creates new neuron connections in your brain

The brain is incredibly flexible and more supple than people realise.

If you think new thoughts, you create new neuron connections right away!

Fact 6: The average person has 70,000 thoughts per day

You are thinking all the time. By changing your thoughts, you can totally change
the wiring of your brain from the inside out!

Fact 7: Laughing is a complex task involving 5 areas of the brain

Laughing is no laughing matter, as it involves a lot of the brain. This is a good way to
stimulate your mind and also helps to release happy chemicals into your system.

Research has shown that laughing for several minutes every day can help to
boost your mood and overall happiness.

Fact 8: Juggling causes rapid brain changes
Juggling or learning any new complex thing has a very positive effect on the brain.

Juggling causes certain areas of the brain to grow, so you have more connections
in your brain. Any complex task will give similar results!

Fact 9: The brain cannot feel pain
There are literally no pain receptors in the brain. So, though the brain can process
pain coming from other parts of your body, it can't feel it itself!

Fact 10: The average human brain is only 9.3cm high
The brain is actually smaller than most people realise. It is 16cm long and 14cm wide.
This gives the brain a total weight of about 1.3kg.

That 1.3kg has over 200 billion neurons! Amazing!

That concludes the 10 fun facts! We hope you enjoyed them!

We will be adding a Part 2 with another 10 fun facts next time.

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