Achieve Mastery For Genius

When we experience the results we desire, we feel happy and good about ourselves. However, the tendency becomes that we fail to replicate that success when we set our next goal. The reason for this is due to inconsistency in that the same power and drive to achieve the first goal is not present in the second goal. This signifies a lack of mastery.

Therefore, in order to achieve the best every time, we need to put the same amount of resources into the goal, in terms of intention and the correct way of "doing and acting". This will make winning not a one time event, but an all time event and occurrence. Below you will find some guidelines that will help you to become a champion in whatever you do, to thus stand above everyone as a genius:

1. The reason why we fail to replicate our mental success, is because we are not sure of the factors that have created that success in the first place.

Therefore, we must educate ourselves as to what creates mental success. When we are not sure, we live in uncertainty and can never have maximum faith. When we are sure, we simply need to follow the correct sequence and success is therefore guaranteed.

2. You must learn from all of your successes and all of your failures.

When you look back at what you did right or wrong in a situation, you will know what works and what doesn't. From here, you can begin to replace your old habits with habits which are in tune with the successful way of doing things. So you need to learn to cut down the elements of an event and see what was right and what was wrong in it, and learn from those elements. 

3. You need to set the intention that you will realise that the best is already within you.

The best that you can be is the best. In relation to other people, this will be the best in the world. And this realisation will become apparent to you, when you have acquired the knowledge of why you are the best with exact magnitude. You can achieve anything you want, but you first must be open minded to that possibility. Simply being open-minded to this thinking will put your life in a completely different trajectory which will allow your dreams to come true.

4. A genius intends to win in every situation.

You must therefore intend to be a winner that wins everytime. As you intend, so shall it become. So keep that intention up. Eventually, you will know every factor that creates or holds back success and be able to use them with elegance and ease. This will allow you to create a win simply on your intention, and it is indicative of true mental mastery

5. You will become what you intend.

What you intend, is what you have planted on firm soil through the power of intention. (see Using The Power of Intention)

6. You need to believe that you already have it.

Having is receiving. Achieving mastery is not about chasing after the goal and trying to reach it, as this will lead to failure. It is not you who is in charge of your life. It is the unconscious mind which sets the foundation for your life. You need to allow It to come through and give you what you want, and this is through believing that you already have it.

7. When you believe that you are the best that you can be, you think and create the best.

We simply need to access it by connecting with its nature. The unconscious mind holds the key to all mental powers you need and is the best, and therefore you must believe that you are the best as well, because you have an unconscious mind within you too. This will allow us to connect with the unconscious mind and use its power.  The result will be that you will be able to think and create the best.

What To Expect

When you are on the road to mastery, you will have a greater impression and realisation of what these secrets truly mean. Until them, simply acting and doing things in the way above will pave the road to allow you to properly understand it. Only then can you begin to truly refine your mindset towards mastery. Apply these steps now and reap the rewards in your life.

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