Act Throughout Your Day And Believe You
Are Making Progress

The easiest thing in the world to forget, is that believing is seeing. This is because the "believing is seeing" concept only holds weight in its practical application. We therefore must use it to help achieve our goals.

1. Believing is seeing is a very subtle law

It is the easiest thing to forget, so we need to incorporate it into our lifestyle by default. This is through believing that whatever we do towards or not towards our goal, will help us achieve it. At the quantum level, this established a structural link of energy, between the energy flowing through us, the belief (which is the link) and the goal. This is because energy has different properties from the ones we normally see in our physical world. The effect of the laws are very subtle.

2. In your day, continue to act towards your goal without hindrance of focus

When you continue to act towards your goals, and know exactly what is going on because your beliefs are allowing a passage for creative energy to reach your goal, you are opening yourself up to having a day full of fulfilment. When you look back on your day and realise how much progress has been made, you will feel a sense of satisfaction that you have given and achieved so much. This is a true investment, because you have deepened the link between your belief of action, and your goal.

3. Move with the body, and everything else will follow.

When we don't feel like acting, we do this from a purely mental perspective. We should therefore use our body instead to act, for this will bring the mind into alignment. For this to work properly, we must believe that acting with the body will bring the mind into alignment. 

What To Expect

When you do this properly, you will realise that you have made tremendous progress towards your goals. Not only that, but you will see the results at the end of the day. It is a way of acting which must be practised, because it allows the creative energy within you to hit the target of your goal.

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