Bad Emotions

We should always pay attention to our emotions. They are a warning signal that our life is in the wrong lane and heading in a direction away from our goals. If we ever feel bad emotions, we should stop and realise why they are there. They are always there for a good reason. Below you will find some insights to make the most of understanding bad emotions:

1. When you feel bad, it is a sign that something needs to change, and change fast.

This may be your mindset, your approach, your attitude, your behaviour etc etc. There is something out there that needs to be changed. You will recognise what it is, but it is up to you to be able to take the right steps accordingly. The majority of the time, it may simply be your mindset wavering, but at other times, it is a sign that you need to implement a certain thing.

2. Bad emotions are nothing to do with you having done something wrong.

It is simply a sign to say that you are not on the right track, and that you must change lanes or move further away from your goals.  True, you might have done something wrong to create a situation which led to the bad emotion, but the bad emotion in itself means that you are not on the right track and is a sure signal that change is needed.

3. We should always be aware of when bad emotions are being revealed.

Sometimes we can put it down to other things such as sleep, diet, other people etc. The fact is that you are receiving this signal, and it cannot be ignored at any cost. Otherwise you will move away from your goals.

4. Bad emotions as a signal for something do not get repeated too often.

The signal has a small window by which the changes need to be made. This will put you on the right track to your goals. For example, if you are driving on a dual carriageway and there is a sign to say you must move into lane 3 within the next 200 yards to go to destination X, you must do so within the next 200 yards. However, if you are to wait and go to lane 3 after the 200 yards are gone, you have missed your chance and will need to carry on the road until the next exit appears.  

What To Expect

When you realise the importance of your emotions, you will be able to recognise how intuition and the subconscious powers within you reveal themselves. The emotions are always there to help, so we must listen to them and understand what they are saying. This in turn will help you reach your goals with flying colours.

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