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To reach the highest levels of achievement, you will need to possess a certain distinctive mindset so that everything you do builds on top of one another to enhance your intelligence gains. Below, we explain and explore some basics tips and methods you can use to become a genius in your own right.

1. Be Goal And Results Orientated

Goal orientation is the number one tool you have to achieve your goals in life. With goal orientation, you can move with clear focus and clarity on the things you want. You will be able to be fast, efficient, driven and highly productive with your time.

To begin your journey towards goal orientation, start by writing your ten most important goals down, on a piece of paper. Write the goals down with conviction and power. As you do this over time, you're mind will become totally wired to making goal achievement a reality for you. You will be so driven and so focused that it will be unbelievable.

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2. Be A Super Positive Thinker

The more positive you are in your thinking, the greater and more intense will be your success and achievement in life. With achievement comes gratitude, bliss and miraculous levels of self esteem and confidence. To begin your journey to positive thinking, you must start by focusing on the positive aspects of the things around you. You must see the benefit in a situation instead of the problem. You need to see the opportunity, the possibility and the joy which exists, and be hell bent and geared towards it.

When this happens, you will be able to come up with much greater levels of self confidence and ambition which will allow you to think like a genius. To think like a genius requires an extreme level of confidence. When that confidence level begins to expand and grow in your thinking, you can achieve great goals.

The fundamental tool you have to achieve your goals is a mind which only thinks a certain way. This certain way must be fixed and driven towards success in order to achieve it. So, be positive and develop a winning positive attitude for success.

3. Raise Your Intelligence And IQ With Our Methods

Raising your IQ and intelligence is the quickest and easiest way for becoming a genius. For example, you could practise lots of our techniques like PT, IS, VAK or our other methods. Using these techniques, you can raise your IQ and give yourself the brainpower necessary for high levels of intelligence quotiet, which is the cornerstone of genius intellect levels.

With a high IQ, it easier to achieve the brainpower levels of Einstein, Tesla, Isaac Newton or any other intellectual heavy weight that history is full of. Don't be stuck with a low IQ. Blast your IQ to 180 and above with our step by step training guide! There are only 3 steps in our guide which can transform your life:

As you practise the techniques and get better at them, you will notice a huge increase in your intellectual ability. You will reach the intellectual level you want and achieve mind perfection!

4. Copy The Mindsets Of The Intellectual Greats

There have been many genii who have existed throughout the ages, whether we think of the greats of ancient Greece (such as Aristotle, Plato and Socrates) or modern figures. They were all brilliant in their respective fields and can teach you volumes about what it takes to become the best and reach the highest levels of achievement.

If you want to become like them, you will need to study their mindsets and strategies and what that can possibly do for you. Copying the best will make you become the best. Don't live a life of mediocrity by associating with those that aren't doing anything with their lives!

5. Learn As Much As You Can Every Day

A secret to improving and being the best is to learn as much as you can. The more you become an expert in what you want to achieve, the greater the chances of success. Your ability to succeed in whatever you want to achieve lies on acquiring knowledge and wisdom. You simply must become the smart person that is an expert in their field.

When you are an expert, you will come across as an expert all by itself. Start this process by reading and studying your field for at least one hour per day/ Making a solid effort to do this will make you one of the most skilled people in your field. As that skill increases over time, people will be in awe at the sophistication and development that you have obtained.

Things you can do here are to listen to audio programs, read books, attend seminars. Subscribe to blogs and RSS feeds of those that are up there and performing huge feats. Put yourself on the edge and at the highest level. Do this every single day and you will find your whole mindset changing for the better.

6. Believe In Yourself

If you don't believe in yourself, then no one else is going to believe in you either. If you want to be the best, you need to have a solid, deep found belief in your abilities and what you can achieve in life. You can't have haphazard thinking and expect miracles this way. Belief in yourself and your ability to obtain what you want can work wonders.

Every person who has ever achieved anything great in life has always believed. Belief is what gives you the strength to keep going where everyone else would have stopped. Belief is the magical power which keeps you standing up again when the going gets tough. Your beliefs will also have effects on your self-concept, the way you interpet the world and your relationship to it. Feeling supremely positive, optimistic and enthusiastic about your life will make it so for you.

Always say to yourself that you can. If you have a dream that you want to create and a life that you want to live, it can be yours when you access the power of belief. What happens inside your mind is responsible for your success more than anything else, so respect and utilise its immense power now, and reap the rewards for your whole life.

So in conclusion, the secret to be a genius is three things at its absolute basic:

First, you need to be goal orientated. That means writing your goals down first thing in the morning, every single day, without fail, so that your subconscious mind can be fully programmed for it.

Second, you need to be a super or hyper positive thinker. This hyper positivity draws positive people, experiences and situations into your life. You will also feel better on the inside and derive more satisfaction, enjoyment and bliss from everything you do.

Finally, you need to raise your intelligence. This means keeping your mind super sharp, in terms of clarity, focus and concentration. With that basis, you can achieve any memory, problem solving or logical skills you want.

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