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To become smart should be your ultimate objective. As you become smarter, you will be able to increase your mental abilities, learning, and success in life to a whole new level. Your success in life is determined by your ability to be totally competent and driven for the things you do. We explain some ways you can become smart below.

1. Learn from all the experts as much as possible

The smart person is a *wise* person. You cannot be smart by thinking you are smart. You will only become smart by being wise. So go for wisdom above all else. It is the path of wisdom that will allow you to achieve much greater success than other people.

To gain this wisdom, it is necessary for you to learn from the experts as much as possible. The experts are those people who have the best understanding of your subject matter. They are those who may have already achieved the goal you want, and so you are best to learn from these people as much as possible to succeed.

You should learn everything you can from the experts. Being smart is much more to do with wisdom than it is with IQ and raw intelligence. Raw intelligence is simply the building blocks, whereas wisdom is the only result.

Specific things you can do:

a) Read books written by the experts in the topics you are interested in

b) Listen to audio programs that the experts create

c) Attend seminars and workshops, if they are available in your field

d) Learn every single day and make an active effort to increase your knowledge every single day

e) Associate with knowledgeable people all the time. The more you do this, the more you will be exposed to their mindset and draw it naturally into your life as well

2. Meditate on a regular basis

Super smart people always do some form of meditation in their day to day affairs. This doesn't mean you need to sit in a silly position with your eyes closed and hum for an hour. It means you need to keep your mind in a focused state, which is the exact same as meditation.

Meditation is about keeping mental focus. The more you are able to keep your mental focus by keeping your mind on what you are doing, the more you will be able to succeed. This will happen because your focus is allowing you to connect to the subconscious mind. As you may know from our other articles, connecting to the subconscious mind is necessary for your success.

So, to meditate, all you need to do is keep your focus. Don't get distracted in your head and only think things that are relevant to the task you are performing at present.

3. Do mental training exercises

The mental training of The Complete Guide To Genius is an effective way to increase your raw intelligence. You can learn more about that on our homepage. With effective training, you will be able to increase the raw intellectual capacity you have. This mans enhanced IQ, enhanced mental abilities and much greater success than you could imagine. Everything will become easier with your enhanced IQ.

Here are some exercises to use:

a. P.T

PT is an exercise found in our genius training guide, which helps to raise your focus and concentration. With enhanced focus and concentration, you are able to keep your mind going for longer. To do PT, get a coin or other small metallic object and focus your attention on it for 10-15 minutes straight. Do this without flenching in your concentration and keeping your whole mind on what you are doing.

b. I.S

I.S is another technique which deals with mental imagery. To practise this, you describe the images you receive in your mind as fast as possible. This will allow you to receive even more images and opportunities for mental success.

c. Modify your nutrition

Apart from these 2 techniques, you could try modifying your nutrition. Eating healthy will make your mind clear and allow you to feel more intelligent than ever before. There is lots of research by scientists which show that good, healthy eating can work wonders for your brain.

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