Minor Behavior Modifications To Boost IQ

There are many simple behavioural and lifestyle modifications you can make to boost your intelligence. These will help to make a difference to your IQ and mental ability extremely quickly. Below you will find a list of 17 tips:

1. Practise proper breathing.

Breathing is an easy way to calm your mind and makes you more clear and focused. Also, the deeper the breaths you take, the more that rich supplies of oxygen can nourish the brain and keep it working optimally. The best way to breath is to breath in through your nose in a deep breath, drawing the air deeper into your lungs until it fills. Breathing out through either your nose or mouth is acceptable.

2. Meditate.

Everybody has heard of this one, but very few of us practise it. By meditate, I simply mean simple mental exercises that can keep your mind calm. A simple meditation you can do right now is closing your eyes and paying attention to your breath. When your mind starts to wander, just bring your attention back to your breath. Five or ten minutes of this will usually relax you, and make you more ready for any mental tasks. Meditation helps to calm the mind, allowing it be remain focused and attentive.

3. Keep a good posture

Your posture causes major changes in your thinking process. Prove it to yourself right now: try doing some math in your head while slouching, looking at the floor and letting your mouth hang open! Now do it again, but sitting up, mouth closed and looking forward. The difference is clearly noticeable.  So your objective should always be to keep a good posture because you are making the best use of your mind this way. A posture change alone can make a difference of 5-10 points on an IQ test.

4. Use your spare time.

In other words, be disciplined with your time, because discipline in itself is the foundation for mental efficiency. When you choose to become disciplined, your mind will be properly connected in both actions and behavior to act efficiently, meaning an increase in concentration, focus, direction and mental speed.

5. Keep yourself motivated and ready.

When you are always motivated to do something, your mind will form the habit of always being "ready" for any mental challenges you through at it. This means that the mind becomes more efficient, in that the neurons are on standby and constantly re-wiring themselves to be able to be used in the most efficient manner.

6. Do some regular exercise.

Sticking to a regular exercise routine is a great way to boost your brainpower. It does this because exercise promotes increased blood flow to the brain, allowing it to correctly receive the nutrients and oxygen required for optimal and increasing functions. Cognitive function can be improved with as little as 10 minutes of hard exercise per day, aside from all the awesome health benefits created. Finally, it is an easy and lazy way to increase your mental power, without the necessary side-effects of boredom which exists with mental exercises.

7. Do something you enjoy passionately.

Passion is the ultimate tool to get your mind into "the zone". Whilst in this state, you will very easily receive intuition, creativity sparks and super productivity. This all happens because the mind is in its most optimal state to allow this to happen. It is in a state in which the more effort and input you place into a situation, the greater the passion and quality of "the zone" which results. It is therefore a win-win situation in every single way to be in the zone.

8. Always look on the bright side of life.

A great way to look on the bright side is through laughter and humor. The release of endorphins caused by laughter lowers stress levels, which is good for long term brain health and also stimulates the production of neurons.

9. Always continue to learn new things.

Doing new things and becoming good at those things will stimulate the brain and cause measurable changes in the structure of it. New connections are made and new brain cells are grown. Intellectual play, as well as any playing that involves hand-eye coordination stimulates the brain to higher levels of efficiency.

10. Sing.

Okay, this might not seem like the greatest of IQ builders, but it is actually very powerful. When you are alone in your car, try singing about something you are working on. This exercises your right brain. Have you ever noticed how its easier to rhyme when you sing than when you just speak or write? This is because the right brain is better at pattern recognition. By doing this brain exercise regularly you can train yourself to tap into the power of the right brain. This will make you a more effective problem-solver.

11. Model others.

Find others that are creative, intelligent, or very productive. Do what they do, and think what they think. This is a key principle of neuro-linguistic programming. However, its important that you pay attention to what they do more than what they say, because successful people generally are not aware of what they are doing to create positive results.

12. Become self aware.

All power lies in knowing yourself. When you do this, you will be in the best situation to judge the best courses of action to take moving forward. Also, you should always monitor your thought process, in terms of the biased beliefs you project and assumptions etc. This will allow you to create the clearest and purest thought patterns, as well as opening the doors to the subconscious mental powers which are unseen.

13. Become fascinated in life and show a genuine interest.

Showing a genuine interest in life will allow you to live in the moment and act independently of the negative programming of the past. This allows for true creativity, inspiration and intelligence to come to you.

14. Get educated.

Education in any area will make the brain stronger. Through education, we can learn the mysteries of the brain and how to improve it.

15. Avoid arguments.

When you defend a position too vigorously, especially when it is just to "win" the argument, you invest your ego into it. When you do this, you cut off any mental link you have with the subconscious. This means you will experience a decrease in intuition, creativity, thoughtfulness and motivation, simply through using the ego. Debate can be a valuable thing, but when the ego takes over, the mind closes the door to much greater mental powers.

16. Avoid too much stress.

Stress causes brain damage through spikes in harmful chemicals. It will also hurt the rest of the body so learn to remain relaxed at all times. Deep breaths are an easy way to do this.

17. Make an effort to form new habits.

Forming new habits takes approximately 30-90 days. This means that when you create your plan for a higher IQ, make sure you have a plan in place to use the techniques and strategies we teach. You can use many of the extremely basic brain boosters given here and get results over time, but it is through creating new habits that will allow you to consolidate your new and higher IQ.

What To Expect

Implementing some of these steps will work wonders on your mental faculties, even though the modifications are extremely basic. There are many things which we do, but we do not fully comprehend their power until we change the situation. Therefore, taking the steps to improve ourselves through these simple behavior modifications will go a long way to establishing correct habits going forward.

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