Believing Is Seeing

There is a saying in society that "seeing is believing", in that when we see the evidence or physical nature of a thing, we then believe that a certain situation or thing is true. However, it is a lie. The truth is that believing is seeing. 

When we believe that we can achieve a certain goal and have a firm faith in it, that is when we see it. Below you will find key points about why this is so and how it can help you increase your mental capacity:

1. When we believe something, we find reasons to justify it and seek it out.

This happens automatically and is regardless of whether the belief is true or not. We therefore see the belief which brings us to the next point.

2. Believing something increases our belief even more.

Therefore, when we believe something, we see it which in turn increases our belief in it even more. We should therefore take care as to what we believe, because it is going to be reinforced twice over. 

3. Having firm faith makes us more certain.

The effect is that it allows us to act to the best of our ability and receive the best back in return.

4. When we believe, we see things from a different perspective. 

We become more aware and conscious of our belief which compels us to change and act in accordance to it.

5. When we truly believe something, the physical nature of the world changes around us. 

This is because our beliefs are the filter by which reality is created. All we need to do is change our beliefs and become directly in line with the reality we wish to create, and it will be so.

A firm belief in what we are doing is therefore essential towards achieving our mental ambitions. So no matter how great and large the goal may be, if you have an absolute firm and unshakeable faith that it is going to become true, then that is what will manifest in your life.

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