Beyond Despondency Lies Strength
And Success

When we are upset about something which has happened, we feel that the situation may be hopeless. This is the wrong mindset. When we feel upset, what is really happening is that we are being faced by strength and success. We gain the strength from showing courage. We gain the success by taking the appropriate actions. Despondency is therefore a tool for growth and allows you to learn valuable lessons for change. Below are some additional lessons:

1. Being despondent means the physical world is advancing quicker towards your goals, than your mind.

All your mind has to do is catch up with the physical world, and realise the lessons being taught.

2. When despondent, you should make sure your mindset is kept by having strong beliefs.

We should not react to the world. You should act when the world presents a situation, because it is you who is in control of the world. If you react, your belief is that the world controls you. The truth, is that you are always in control of the whole world.

3. When despondent, do not make any sudden changes to your life.

Instead, you should always be paying attention to the signals as they come. When the voice inside you presents an idea or a pure thought, it should not be ignored. Your thoughts come from the subconscious mind. This is closer to the universal mind than your conscious mind is. We should therefore always consider clear thoughts which appear and are received by us, because it is showing us the direction we must take to reach our goals.

What To Expect

When we engage the world by acting over it, instead of reacting to it, we control ourselves and our lives. This is because we are in tune with nature, and the natural laws which lie within it. It is only through living a natural life, independant of erroneous beliefs, that we understand fully the true nature and power in our being. Despondency is a sign of sudden growth. When your mind catches up to the physical change taking place, the physical environment will also change, leading to even greater mental growth towards your goals.

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