Book Types To Boost Creativity And Intelligence

Books are an excellent tool to give you new ideas and inspirations. Below you will find the main book types which will help you to boost your creativity:

1. Read philosophy.

Not only is philosophy abstract, but almost all of scientific thinking finds its root in philosophy. It will make you think about things in a different light, and give you ways of thinking that will develop insights into knowledge and the roots that are the foundation for them.

2. Read scientific manuals.

Science brings together almost all types of knowledge and puts it under the microscope. It will allow you to generate new ideas for knowledge as the knowledge presented is both thorough and detailed. It will also allow you to form new ways for problem solving and logical thinking.

3. Read fiction books.

This will help to spark your creativity and imagination in ways you perhaps never thought possible. It is also an insight into other people's thoughts, which you can then blend to your own to give you a unique edge.

4. Learn from history.

History textbooks allow you to see and understand what people did in the past, so that you can apply those lessons into your own life and shape the future. We can only learn from what has happened already, and history allows us to gain this insight, from hindsight. It will therefore boost your intelligence by aiding your ability to think clearly and gain insight into future events.

5. Read literature on poetry. 

Poetry is an excellent way to be mesmerised and stimulated by the diversity and dynamism of language. Poetry always reveals hidden lessons about society and culture, and such lessons are normally interwoven within the text, revealing the subtle nature and fragility of language.  There are also many styles of poetry which will help to boost creativity in different ways.

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