Boost Your Concentration And Focus

Concentration is linked in many ways to focus and both can be trained to be as sharp as a laser. When we have focus, we are mentally calm, in the moment and in a state of continuous harmony and action. What stops our concentration is the distraction of conscious thoughts, opinions, judgements and perspectives. Without these negative traits, our concentration will exist unabaited and in a state of perpetuity.

To therefore increase our concentration and focus will require us to remove these thoughts and increase the calmness and stillness in our mind. Below you will find some helpful tips to put you in the right direction:

1. An easy way for concentration is to use the Pseudo Telekinesis technique.

As you continue to practice it, you will notice that your focus and concentration will begin to increase quite dramatically. It also increases the subconscious link, leading to an increase in IQ and intelligence.

2. Boost your concentration by focusing entirely on the external world and environment around you.

This is instead of concentrating on the thoughts in your head. What you focus on, is what you will in turn attract more of and ingrain into your reality, so you do not want to focus on your thoughts, as it will lead to more of them. When you focus on the external world around you instead, and decide/choose to live in the world as opposed to your head, the state of mind which will gradually exude is one of zero mental deviations, because your focus is linked to the external environment around you. So when you look and live in the external environment, you automatically become focused. This is the perfect state of mental focus which will lead to genius intelligence. To achieve this, we must make an effort to simply get on with our lives without second guessing in our heads as to how the day or our life is going to pan out. We create our futures when we live in external focus and maintain it without mental distractions. 

3. Remove all distractions, both mental and physical. 

Genius is more easily obtained when we have mental stillness through the absence of distractions. This includes mental distractions where our mind is full of thoughts, debates, worries etc, as well as external distractions in the environment and surroundings around us. To ensure we have the right situation, we should make sure our room/house is organised towards your goals. We should als practise mental silence in which we keep a thought-free mind which is clear of criticisms, bias and unnecessary judgements.

4. Make sure you get a good night's sleep every night.

This is an easy way to boost your concentration, because hardly anybody get's a good nights sleep. Sleep is vital to make sure your mind is receiving the rest it requires to wake up refreshed, energised and ready.

What To Expect

When we take the steps to improve our concentration, we allow our mental productivity to increase dramatically. There is no reason why we cannot achieve the correct concentration, because it is both natural and easy.

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