Brain Harmonics

Using brainwave entrainment devices is an excellent way to achieve the inner mental environment you desire. The technology has allowed us to accelerate mental growth and facilitate changes, which would otherwise take many years to accomplish. Below, you will find some key understandings to help you realise the value within brain harmonics devices:

1. Brain harmonics devices have been in use for hundreds of years.

For example, shamans in ancient civilizations had the ability to create specific brainwave states by beating drums at a particular speed. Today, the process is similar in that the rate of repetition (i.e. frequency) is embedded within the sound itself. Therefore, it is simply the apparatus of the brainwave entrainment which has changed over time, though ancient techniques can work just as well.

2. Brain harmonics can allow you to achieve mental states which would otherwise take years of practise.

For example, achieving a strong level of intent, a deep trance, mental silence etc are all mental states which require practise to achieve successfully. However with brain harmonics, we can achieve these mental states very quickly by simply listening to an audio which allows the desired effect to be created in your mind.

3. Brain harmonics can allow you to achieve very specific mental states.

For example, the difference between being drowsy and being in a creative frame of mind is extremely small. The difference between being a sexual magnet and a wealth magnet is even smaller. Brain harmonics can therefore allow you to achieve these super-distinct states of mind, which would otherwise take years to establish.

4. Brain harmonics can raise your IQ, help you study, make you more creative, allow you to attract wealth etc etc.

In other words, it can significantly aid the plight towards your goals. It is therefore worthwhile to use these devices to invest in your future. They are also a good alternative to conventional music so can fit into your lifestyle perfectly.

What To Expect

If you are not used to using brainwave entrainment devices, the effect can be quite sudden at first. There also might be a slight mental resistance to the changes, as your brain is being forced into very specific mental states. However, once this subsides, you will notice the mental differences very quickly, and be well on the way to achieving the goals you desire.

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