Clear Thinking To Become A Genius

Clear thinking might sound like an easy thing to accomplish, but very little of us can actually do it. When you develop clear thinking, not only will you appear to have a greater IQ, but you are closer to becoming a genius. If you develop clear thinking throughout your life, you will go much further than everybody else put together around you. The benefits are therefore life changing and cumulative in their effects.

Developing clear thinking is very similar to developing genius-like intuitive thoughts in that both conditions are in fact natural. To develop clear thinking therefore also requires you to eliminate bias from your life as in the intuition case. Below you will find some guidelines to help you increase your intelligence towards genius through clear thinking:

1. Learn to differentiate between what is your belief, and what makes sense in the situation.

When you are unable to recognise your beliefs, you let them rule your life. Erroneous beliefs will therefore form the foundation for erroneous thoughts and actions. The trick is therefore to recognise them and refine towards better frames of belief. For example, the best frame of belief is to have allegiance to the truth, no matter how much you have held on to another belief. Allegiance to the truth will therefore make you a clear thinker, in that you are open minded and can see the possible truth in every argument. This is clear thinking through true mental adaptability. You will increase your intelligence much more so when you learn to include this throughout your life.

2. Remove emotion from your thought.

When you are emotionally charged, your thought is also charged with that emotion. For example, when you are angry, your judgement can be clouded. When you are too relaxed, your judgement can also be clouded. The solution is therefore to let the thoughts rule the emotions, and not the other way round. This will happen when you have a resolute and distinct focus and direction in your thoughts, so that the whole ship can move in the right direction. Planning your day in advance helps this go a long way, because to stick to your plan is to give yourself the focus you require, and this will help to re-instate mental control over your emotions.

3. Keep a relaxed mind.

This has been said a million and one times, but the benefit of a mind free of conscious thoughts cannot be underestimated under any circumstances. When your mind is calm, calmness and harmony will come into your life. This will allow the naturally correct beliefs to be instated automatically. To keep the mind relaxed, we need to stop criticising, expressing judgements, expecting things, debating and opinionating. These are all a complete waste of time. We should always remain silent unless we have something good to say or display.

4. Look at where you are with a calm mind and know where you are going.

On a weekly basis, you should look at how far you have come from the week before. You should remember and consciously remind yourself of your goals and why you are doing the things you are doing. Every action and behaviour which we do has a purpose. We should therefore look at the purpose of everything we are doing, and remove those that are not in tune with the goal we have set for ourselves in our life. When we do this, we will come to the realisation of the many inadequacies which we were simply ignoring. They were ignored because we simply didn't give ourselves the time to look at them in detail. This is clear thinking in action.

5. Only have one focus in everything you do.

Never try to do two things at once. When you are doing one thing at a time, your whole focus is on that one thing until completion. That is the correct way. When we try to do two things at the same time, we are dividing our focus and doing the work half done. This may save you time but this is coming from completely the wrong standpoint. The secret is not what you do or accomplish, but rather, the way that you do it. When you do it in the right way, the true power and genius will come to you in droves. So don't concentrate your energy on getting it all done, but concentrate on doing it in the right way: that is, doing one thing at a time until completion.

What To Expect

Perfecting your mindset will allow you to know clearly which direction you are going in. You will also be able to decipher and analyse every influence in your life, and therefore understand which factors are helping towards your goals, and which aren't.

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