How To Control Your Thoughts

Controlling your thoughts has been regarded as one of the most difficult mental feats of all time. However, controlling your thoughts is possible when you have the right emphasis and mindset. In this short article, i want to explore a few tools you can use to make sure you get the right thoughts.

1. Controlling your thoughts is about getting the right thoughts.

The right thoughts will come when you have two things. The first is in your mindset, because it acts as a filter of energy which flows through you. The second is in your focus, because what you focus on, is what is going to be increased. These two alone will go a long way to securing the right thoughts.

2. Thoughts are received, they are not made.

We cannot control something we do not have, and your thoughts are one of them. We receive the thoughts, and therefore our emphasis should be to ensure we have the right mindset so that only the right thoughts come through. This is control of your thoughts.

3. You should practise mental silence often.

When you practise this, you increase the ease in accessing subconscious and unconscious powers. Our thoughts come from the subconscious so keeping this door open and maintaining silence means that the subconscious also becomes thought silent. Any thought then entered into the subconscious will be charged with intent and power.

4. You should remain on the outside world.

By this, i mean that you should not visualise, worry or fantasise about things but remain on the outside world in a process and system of action in the moment.

5. You should respect the planes of existence.

The planes in question are the other and material plains. To respect the material plane means to eat healthy food, exercise regularly and keep in shape. To respect the other plains means to refrain from connecting with beings in these plains, and to have a good night's sleep every night. If we fail to respect them, we will end up receiving thoughts which are not our own

What To Expect

When you get the right thoughts, you are in a much better position to help yourself and those around you. You will have a clear focus, direction and vision in life, and this vision will grow to take over you and help you achieve your mental objectives.

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