The Power Of Creative Energy

Creative energy is a fundamental force alongside thought. Its power to help you become a genius and achieve your dreams can be understood through the lessons below:

1. All things have creative energy in them.

Even a bland piece of wood has creative energy. This is because the nature of existence is to be creative and expansionary in nature.

2. Creation and expansion go hand in hand. Everything wants to expand.

For example, if you allow a fire to spread, it will spread as far as it can and eat everything up. If you allow a species of plant or animal to survive and breed on its own, it will continue to grow. The universe is expanding. More galaxies, starts, moons, planets and asteroids are being created all the time. People want more money, bigger houses and to build bigger companies. The nature is therefore one of increase and creation everywhere.

3. Your thought has creative power.

Your thoughts, when concentrated, can therefore affect everything around you. For example, if you have a thought and continue to hold it in your awareness, everything around you will be affected by it.

4. When you have a thought, everything around you will attempt to make it true.

This is because everything wants to increase, create and expand. Therefore, if your thoughts can provide a new idea, invention or way of doing things, the whole universe wants to help out and make it true, because it wants to expand. The creative energy can pass into everything and is not bound by space or time. Therefore the whole universe can help you achieve your goals.

5. Creative energy operates through you.

This means that the changes take place, first in you, and then in the environment around you. It is always you who changes first.

6. Things which do not expand are because of certain laws operating on them.

For example, if you fail to achieve a particular goal, it is because of certain laws which are operating outside of your awareness. You simply need to modify your application of those laws to work with you, as opposed to against you.

What To Expect

When you truly understand the power at your disposal, you will begin to think and act differently. This is good, because the thinking and acting will be more in tune with the reality of what is actully happening in existence, therefore allowing you to easily achieve your goals. However, to use this goal correctly requires you to understand "the how" before your time in life runs out. Act now and learn from our guide how to truly harness the power of creative energy.

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