Do Not Measure. Simply Be.

When we measure a situation, we are stopping the flow from the energy source which lies within us. We are therefore stopping the flow of thoughts, since energy in its basic form is thought itself. Below, you will find some essential measures, to make sure you allow the greatness within, to flow through and manifest your dreams in your life.

1. Simply be.

There is no need to theorise or figure out why everything is the way it is. We simply need to set the direction through setting our goal, and allowing this to act as the roadmap by which the unconscious source works. If we measure our day and try to second guess the case of events which will happen, we will reduce the energy for that event.

2. What you think about is a guide for the energy.

If you think about theory, the future or the past, your energy follows suit. The mind and thought are therefore tools to direct the flow of energy through you. However, when we think only of the present, all our energy goes to the present which leads to manifestation and creation on the material plane.

3. The best way to be, is to have a good nights sleep, and begin the day immediate on waking.

The subconscious and unconscious minds are very precise. When we take up, their work has been done (for the time being), and you are now conscious to direct their power. We should therefore take immediate action and begin our day. This will direct the force of the energy straight away, which will set the tone for the whole day to come. In essence, what you do in the morning will shape your whole day. Your life is composed of days. Therefore what you do in the morning will define your life.

What To Expect

When we do not measure, and instead simply be, we are living in the moment. This is the most powerful state to be in, because all of the power which lies within us can manifest onto the physical plane. Our objective should be to use our mind as the filter by which the energy flows. The more defined and rigid our mindset, the more we can carve into the material plane and make it manifest what we desire. The energy which flows through us is like the ink of a pen which is drawing a new image into reality. The pen itself is our mind and how we direct it. All the energy flows through us, and living in the moment will lead to 100% success in every endeavour and feat which a person could possibly experience. It is the secret of the people through the ages, who we have called "great"

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