Einstein's Intelligence
Increasing Routines

The genius of Albert Einstein has been attributed to intelligence increasing techniques he famously used. These were developed over 15-20 years in his life, so his progress was both slow and tedious. The basic things he did to increase his intelligence are detailed below, but we do not recommend them. Our guide has instead simplified these strategies down into an extremely simple and straight forward formula for intelligence increase, so that you can make strong gains in brainpower from day 1.

1. He would engage all his senses when it came to thinking.

In other words, he would think about the taste, smell, touch, sight and sound implications of what he was thinking. Obviously, this is extremely difficult to do in real life, because we don't tend to think about problems or situations in this way. However, the secret here is that over time, the different areas of the brain associated with the different senses would automatically become engaged without thinking about them, meaning more brainpower. So where normally you would use 1-2 brain areas to think about something (e.g visual and logical), Einstein was using 7-8 areas (the senses which are automatically engaged, logical, creativity areas etc), therefore meaning he was literally using more of his brain to solve problems.

2. He made consistent use of visualisation in his thought experiments.

He would see the images in his mind and play about with them with the senses as above. The secret here is that when you see an image in a deep mental state, the subconscious and unconscious minds can take the image as being its own creation, and therefore use their own resources to determine a solution and develop the image. In other words, Einstein developed a strong connection to the subconscious and unconscious minds and used their great mental capacity to solve his problems.

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3. He used to get in a daydreamy state, through excessive sleep.

This is not just any sleep, but targeted sleep with specific goals in mind. Einstein used to sleep for 10-11 hours every night and when you sleep, you are in a subconscious and unconscious state of mind. The greater the depth of sleep, the more connected on awakening you become to parts of the subconscious and unconscious minds. For Einstein, this meant that his creativity, intuition and level of insight was completely abnormal and astronomical. His conscious mind was also made extremely sharp from the level of sleep. Therefore, he was able to have an extremely focused, and sharp mind alongside his strong subconscious connection, allowing him to solve difficult problems with ease.

Einstein was able to access his subconscious mind as much as possible, because his lifestyle and behaviors allowed it to happen. When he was able to access the subconscious, all of its powers, including exceptional creativity, insights and solutions would come to him.

You shoudln't implement Einstein's plan, because it is isn't structured and is very slow. To access the subconscious mind is a lot easier when done in a structured way, which is what The Complete Guide To Genius, available on our homepage is all about.

What To Expect

Einstein's strategy is simple to read on paper, yet extremely complicated to understand properly why it works. If you use Einstein's strategy, it will be 5-10 years before you see any intelligence increase. It is therefore ineffective for the 21st century and the type of quick and fast gains you should be looking to accomplish. This is why we have modified Einstein's version completely and combined it with our own research, so that you can increase your IQ dramatically within a 3-4 week period. Our strategy is simple and much better than Einstein's tedious and slow techniques.

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