How To Boost The Brainpower Of
Your Employees

Boosting your employees brain power is an effective way to increase the productivity and creativity of the workplace. There is always room for improvement and the suggestions below will help you:

1. Teach them to practice focused action. This means that they should learn to do one thing at a time, and not to juggle two duties at once. This will allow them to specialise and be the best for every task that they do, leading to significant increases in productivity. 

2. Have a box by which employees can write and express their ideas anonymously.

3. Ask your employees to create personalized work spaces which are in tune with their dreams. This will remind them why they go to work every morning

4. Create a board for stupid and crazy ideas. Some crazy ideas can become reality.

5. Create a creativity committee. The purpose of this organisation would be to discuss areas for improvement in the workplace.

6. Obtain ideas based from different mental personality groups of employees. For example, employees who are logically biased, should be seperated into one group and generate ideas from there, and the same too with right brained individuals. The two groups will come out with different ideas and you will be able to see the strengths and weaknesses from there. Also, you can seperate them into different types of groups. For example, according to musical abilities, sportiness, personality types etc etc. 

7. Set idea quotas. When a quota is set, it makes people become more efficient and forces them to come up with something.

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