Exam Success Part 2

Remove All The Distractions

The thing that keeps you from putting in the study hours you need, are the distractions. Here are the common distractions you might be faced with:

a) Friends, social events and other people. There is always someone who will waste your time here

b) Sports: especially if there is a "big game" on or if you take part in certain sports

c) TV, including all manners of dramas, soaps, movies etc etc

d) Other activities you do: newspaper, radios, magazines, games, eating, going out etc etc

Basically, anything not related to studying is a potential waste of your time. When it comes to having to study, and having to study hard, you need to get rid of all the things which are going to make you lose your focus. You need to have your attention as much as possible on the important study task at hand, so everything else must go. Don't go out with your friends when you know you need to study. Don't watch the TV when you know you need to study. Keep an eye on your time and realise that your time is moving super fast. A few hours is a very short space of time and will go past quicker than you think. Its therefore important that you keep a track of your time and do the important things you need to do.

Removing the distractions will go a long way to giving you the focus you need to revise effectively.

Learn The Important Things

Many people like to revise and study the easy things first. Though this can be useful for quick learning of many things, it can also be detrimental sometimes. Your emphasis should be that it's important to learn as many of the important materials first. Don't bother with all the things that are only half important or that you don't need to do. Only do the important things. The important things can be split up into

a) easy things you can learn or;
b) difficult things you can learn.

You should do all the easy things first, because that will get your brain warmed up in order to tackle the more difficult things. Also, by learning all of the easy things first, you will increase your knowledge substantially, meaning the difficult tasks will begin to make more sense to you.

The easy things normally form the basis for the difficult things.

Sometimes, you will need to do the difficult thing first, simply because it will take a lot of time to learn, and you will need to learn it effectively in order to succeed. In this case, you need to use your judgement on how long it will take to learn this difficult task.

If you need to make changes quickly or you are seriously struggling to learn the volume of work, the BrainTune® Series will be a life saver for you since it helps you to memorise and study faster. This is available on our homepage as two bonus audio files.

Keep Going, No Matter What

Sometimes you may feel that you are beginning to get mentally tired. This may be the case, but you can't afford this when you have a very important exam ahead of you, and you're already behind on schedule. In this case, you need to take some stimulants to help you. A good thing to take is caffeine (through tea and coffee. This will help your mind to stay alert for longer.)

After the exams are over, you can relax. But before this, you need to get moving like crazy and study like mad.

There is no room for distraction. You must be totally focused at all times if you are to succeed. See your exam as your one chance for success.

You can do it...good luck!

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