Expansion Is A Natural Law

This means that everything in existence has the aim of wanting to expand and create itself into bigger and better ways. Below you will find some understandings regarding this:

1. Since expansion is a natural law, we simply have to allow it.

When we allow expansion to happen, the expansion will happen automatically. The more we try to do something ourselves, and with our own bodily effort, the greater will be the resistance. It is therefore a priority in our lives that we allow the greater powers and laws to shape the direction of our lives for the better, rather than us trying to do it ourselves.

2. What we want to expand in our lives, simply needs to be seeded.

Planting a seed in the right place will make the seed grow and mature into something beautiful and large. This is because the expansion takes place by law. We simply need to put the seed in the right place. We do not have to put all the hard work in.

3. Expansion as a law means there is potential latent in everything.

Even the most mundane of things has a potential that is not easily recognised. For example, a piece of wood can be used to save someone's life. It can also be used to kill it, provide shelter, warmth, security etc. So there are multiple purposes and uses for even the most basic or un-useful of things.

4. Things which are expanding can be difficult to stop.

In fact, you will need to look at the root process which is creating the expansion, in order to have a good chance of stopping it. The best course of action is to provide a replacement expansionary path. So for example, if you are spending too much money, it could create an expansionary path in which you continue to lash out on money without even realising. The replacement path would be to save your money to invest. This focus will expand, so that you will save even more money, and invest even more.

What To Expect

When you truly understand that it is the subtle things which you do in your life that is responsible for the change, you open the door to doing things in a certain, special way. It is this way which will allow you to rocket-propel towards your goals and achieve your dreams. Your time is running out however, so you must act to learn this secret from our guides. 

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