Focus On Your Goal And Not The
Competition Or Obstacles

When we do not have the correct focus, we are bringing ourselves unnecessary problems for no reason. Focus is mighty important for us to achieve the goals we desire. It is therefore imperative that we have the right focus to ensure all of our energy is preserved and expands in the right areas. Below you will find some lessons and tips regarding this:

1. When you focus only on your goal, your competition and obstacles will bend to make your goal come true.

It is therefore a dominate strategy to only focus on our goal ie a genius life so that everything will go your way. It simply does not matter in anyway what other people are doing, because when you focus and do the best, you will receive the best back. Also, obstacles are means to learn lessons. It is only from learning these lessons and refining ourselves that we are able to make the changes we desire

2. When you focus on your goal, all of your energy goes into the goal only.

Your obstacles and competitors will therefore lose their power to have a hold on you, because there is no energy invested in them. Where you invest energy, is where the power goes. When you invest in your goal, you are allowing the goal to come true.

3. The competition and obstacles have a dominant strategy to avoid you.

This means it is to their detriment from their side of things to invest energy in you and try to bring you down. It actually moves them away from their goals (assuming their goals aren't to bring you down). Also, if you simply ignore and get on with what you have to do, they can never have any power or say in what you do.

What To Expect

When all of your energy goes into your goal, all your goals will start to come true. Every single thing which you do in your life should be geared towards your goal, and you should put 100% effort and faith into making the goal come true. This is putting 100% of your focus and thought power into your goal, charging and binding it with your thought power.

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