Focus On The Natural And Not The
Man Made

When we focus on the man made things around us, we are making a mistake. Man made things rest on man's way of thinking. But what is natural lies within the power that rests in nature. Below you will find some key facts to help you understand this power:

1. Natural laws are the real laws which bound our life.

The man made laws are fake in that they are made up by us. The laws can be useful, but they are not inflexible and unbreakable like the laws of nature. The laws of nature make no exception in a situation, and are flawless in every respect. The laws of nature are also within every single thing and situation. Therefore complimenting these laws will lead to success. That is not to say that man made laws should be violated in anyway, but merely that we should be aware that there are more laws in operation than meets the eye.

2. Natural things we do, are powerful ways.

Ways such as visualising and imagining things in our mind are natural things with enormous power. When we see an image in our mind, we can enforce it with creative energy and make the image true in our world.

3. Vision, imagination, belief and focus are all more powerful than man made principles.

The principles above are natural components which we have. They allow us to connect with our true nature in nature. This allows us to access the natural energy we have within.

4. Just because we do not recognise or know some laws of nature, does not mean they are not there.

We can sometimes feel, know or understand that a particular law is at work, but we cannot pin down exactly what it is, and exactly how it operates. For example, take electricity. Man has seen natural electric light bolts since the beginning, but it is only very recently that we have managed to harness some of its power. This is through thousands of trial and error experiments to harness electricity.

5. There are laws which govern our lives which we have yet to understand, but we can find them out through trial and error.

Electricity was harnessed through trial and error. Computers were created through trial and error. Cars, planes, trains, microwaves, buildings etc etc have all ended up the way they are through trial and error. It is through this method that we discover a way that was already there to do things. We need to be careful about what we do and how we do in our lives, because we might be manipulating a natural law, of which we have little knowledge.

What To Expect

When we appreciate that we already have the natural faculties to change our life, and that these faculties have precedence over man made theories and ideas of achieving success, we are approaching the root and source of what will allow us to make massive change in our lives. Man made ways are all weak, when compared to the forces of nature.

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