Focus As A Pen

Focus is like a pen which is always writing and drawing something. Whatever you focus on, in that more will be drawn. The substance which is the ink is nothing more than the creative energy source which lies within you. Therefore, you should also be mindful of what you focus on, because this will reinforce and create more of it into reality, and bring this into your external focus. Below, you will find some useful tips to make sure you can harness this power of focus as a pen:

1. Only ever act towards your goals.

This means to be mindful of those things which will leak your energy. You should defend your goals at all costs, and seek only to invest in it. When we have leakages, we will slowly and unknowingly wander away from our goals. The objective should therefore always be, that we maintain our awareness in those factors around us which will create results, and away from those that will tarnish it.

2. Make sure that you maintain your beliefs and frame.

Your belief structure is always in a state of change. You are always either moving towards, or away from your goals by virtue of the fluctuations in your beliefs. This is because the environments around us present us with new beliefs about a situation. If we are to passively accept these beliefs, we incorporate them into our being and become bound by them. It is not enough to know that a new belief is being imprinted. We must actively maintain the correct beliefs about a situation if we are to create mindset stability and strength towards success. This way, the world will become a direct reflection of our inner being and belief system, and we free ourselves from the limitations of external beliefs.

3. Become actionary in the morning, instead of reflective.

When you decide to act from the moment you wake up, you become unconscious and detached from the outcome of your goals. This allows the giant within you to express itself properly, because you are not impeding its progress in anyway through your thoughts. You are allowing it to take over your life and create on your behalf. Acting is an unconscious act, because the body is unconscious. Every element which aids in a movement is an unconscious movement. When we act from the moment we wake up, we become bound in unconsciousness. This is the secret of the moment.

What To Expect

When you can use your focus properly, your life will improve by leaps and bounds. Progress will become effortless, success will appear from nowhere and life will be full of joy. This is clearly a process which is worth mastering, so that you can be on the path to achieving your goals with ease.

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