Following Your True Desires

Following your true desires is different from following your vain desires. We must avoid vain desires at all costs, and pursue only our true desires. That way, we harness the power of who we naturally are deep inside, and allow it to grow and manifest on the outside. Below, you will find some key lessons to help you understand the importance of this topic, whilst you still have time to achieve your mental dreams and ambitions:

1. It is way easier to follow your true desires than your vain desires.

Vain desires feel good at first, but then later on you will realise that you wasted time, effort and money. True desires are real and worth striving for, because it is here where your dreams, ambitions and true goals lie.

2. We must eliminate all vain desires in our life.

When we can effectively eliminate, we can create the reality we want. Every vain desire means that you have not specialised enough to remove it. The desire leaches away at your energy and lifeblood, making the energy towards your true goals become weak. We must therefore identify and eliminate them in a step-by-step fashion.

3. Following your true desires is addictive and allows you to specialise.

When you specialise in a particular thing, you become a genius who knows everything about the specialty inside out. People will look at your life and wonder what it is that you are doing different. The answer is that you chose to specialise into your dreams, and only allow those aspects which you truly enjoyed and wanted to experience more of, to come to you.

4. Following your true desires allows you to invoke proper fear.

Without fear, there is no movement forward. Fear allows us to realise the loss we could make if you don't push forwards. By fear, i do not mean cerebral fear or fear in the genuine sense (as focusing on this would create more fear and a worse situation), but more in the sense of the emotional feeling of fear which acts as a stimulus to move us forward. This is the most powerful stimulator, as we always wish to move away from fear, and towards our goal. The fear is that our dreams and life is on the line. There is no room to slack as our dreams are at stake of being lost forever. We therefore must take charge and achieve them whilst you still have time. The fear is that your dream and your life is at stake.

What To Expect

When you follow your true desires, you will be able to receive the information that will allow you to achieve distinction in it. There is no use being half one person and half another. We must follow and polarise into our true desires if we are to become and achieve the goals you have set for yourself. So for example, if you wish to be an inventor, you must live your dream and invent. If you wish to be an entrepreneur, you must dedicate your whole effort in mind, body and soul to your business efforts.

When you do not live your passion, you do not live the life you want. Nobody has the right to say you cannot be this or that person. You can achieve anything when you make the first steps.

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