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Questions On Membership And Its Effects

Will your product work for me?
How quickly can I get gains?
What techniques am I supposed to use?
What is a typical training schedule like?
Will the audio bonuses work for me?
What is the training software about and how can it help me?
How can your guide help me in my life?
Who is Genius Intelligence™ for?
Do you have any testimonials?

Questions On Intelligence Increase

Is it possible to increase intelligence?
Is there any scientific research?

Questions On Ordering

Why should I buy from you?
Will I be able to download my own personal copy of the genius guide?
How do I join?
English is not my first language. Will I be able to understand the guide?
Is my online purchase secure?
What other payment options do you offer?
Do you have a book/CD/DVD of the products available?

Miscellaneous Questions

What are the aims of
Where is based?
I have a question which isn't answered here?

Questions On The Product And Its Effects

Will your product work for me?

Yes. Our success rate is extremely high so we have full confidence that it will also work for you. There are so many techniques here that you can choose what you like best and stick to that for your training.

How quickly can I get gains?

A. You will notice gains within 2-3 weeks of using the program. If you want to achieve the higher levels of intelligence (ie IQ's in the 150-160+ range), you will start to increase your IQ much more quickly after 2-3 months of consistent use. This IQ increase happens gradually and over time.

A. The guide has about 21 different techniques in it, and you are to pick and choose whatever you like best. There is no right or wrong answer here and we will help you choose the techniques that are right for you. You will tend to find yourself favoring some techniques due to your personal taste and that is the beauty of the guide. It is highly flexible. Most people use 2-3 techniques at most and this is more than enough for strong intellectual gains.

What is a typical training schedule like

A. A typical training schedule would be doing a warmup for 15 minutes, followed by at least 15 minutes of a primary IQ increasing technique. Once the training is over, you simply carry on with the rest of your day. Beginner's normally do 30 minutes of training at most, and advanced users do 45-60 minutes. This is for 5 days per week. If you are doing homework or studying, you can do the training immediately after that. Best times to use are in the mornings or afternoon.

The IQ increaser audios can be used as a warmup and at the same time as using just one technique. This increases the intensity of your results.

Many different schedules are mentioned in the guide.

Will the audio bonuses work for me?

The audios have worked for many people so there is every reason to believe they will also work for you. The effects are normally noticed from the first playing onwards. There are 3 audios in total:

The first is the IQ Increaser BrainTune® audios which are designed to increase your IQ. There are two audios here, called Wind and Twilight. The Wind audio is designed for improvements in math, logical abilities, problem solving and focus. The Twilight audio is for all-round and general intelligence increase, but also for memory, grammar and creativity.

The second audio type is the Material Manifestation BrainTune® audio. This helps to improve productivity and put you in "the zone" which you might have experienced before. It creates a very deep meditative state which is pleasant and will make you feel good inside.

You listen to the audios for 30-60 minutes per day, whilst remaining mentally active. Please note that these audios are available as an introductory offer only and are available as a bonus to The Complete Guide To Genius™.

The training software is a small brain exercise program designed to increase IQ. You play this on your computer and as you get better at the exercise, your IQ improves. The gains are mainly in the areas of raw IQ, multi-tasking, problem solving, creativity, memory and concentration. It is an excellent exercise for increasing brain power and will work on any computer system.

Our guide can help you become more efficient and better at anything you do. You will process information much more quickly, make better decisions, be more sociable and boost your confidence. All of this happens because of a higher IQ. With a more powerful mind, you can live a much better life and be happier than ever before.

For anyone studying for exams: You can get better grades, learn information faster and save a lot of revision time. You can also score higher results in the SAT, professional exams and any other exams which you might have to sit.

For professionals: You can make better decisions, be more creative, push yourself further and be more productive in your work.

For mature adults: You can maintain mental health and top mental functioning. You can create a youthful memory and boost concentration.

For mind enthusiasts: You can hugely increase your IQ, become more inventive and achieve your mental ambitions.

Who is The Complete Guide To Genius for?

A. Our course is for anyone that wants to improve their IQ and mental powers. It's for anyone who is fed up with the IQ and intelligence they have at the moment and wants to improve their situation with proven and effective strategies. You will get good, strong gains in IQ from using our techniques, or get your money back. It's as simple as that. People from all walks of life use our guide - academics, high school and university students, accountants, doctors, lawyers, engineers, mums and dads at home etc. They also come from all over the world, including the USA, UK, all over Europe, Asia, Africa, South America etc.

A. Yes, we have a huge list of testimonials which is constantly growing. You can view some of our best (including screenshot proofs) on our dedicated Testimonials Page, viewable here.

Questions On Intelligence

Is it possible to increase intelligence?

Yes. Your intelligence is all about the complexity of the neuron and glial cells in your brain. Your IQ and brain power is not fixed because you can always lose and gain neuron and glial cells depending on what you do, how you act and what stimulation your brain has. Science proves that there are certain mental exercises which can dramatically increase mental functioning and IQ.

Yes. There is quite a lot of scientific research on IQ increase and the ability to improve the mind. You can view some of this at the bottom of the How It Works page. We use methods across cognitive science, NLP and psychology to cover our techniques from as many angles as possible. This ensures maximum effectiveness. We also take on the feedback of our users to make our products and techniques even better.

Questions On Ordering

You should buy from us because:

1. Our course is high quality and delivers the goods. We use the most up-to date scientific research so that our techniques are powerful and effective, giving you strong gains in IQ. You are getting high quality valuable information for your mind that actually works.

2. Excellent value for money. Our product is a valuable investment which will give you benefits for years to come. The price is also realistic and highly affordable for all. For your total peace of mind, we also operate a 60 day money back guarantee.

3. High quality bonuses. Our bonuses include the revolutionary BrainTune® audios which are a unique and exciting new technology to help you improve your mind. You get that and many other bonuses as a special offer with your purchase.

4. Free upgrades for life.
All the future upgrades to the techniques, software and program are free for life. This means you get all the latest tools and future findings in intelligence increase without having to pay anything more to get them.

5. First class and lifetime customer support. If you e-mail us, you will get a prompt, courteous and detailed reply to any questions you have. We even reply during weekends.

6. You are dealing with the best. We are a UK based company that expects and delivers the best. We have a passion for helping you improve your mind and take pride in making you a great success in life.

Will I be able to download my own personal copy of the guide?

A. Yes. Once your order has been accepted you will be transferred to the online download page, giving you complete access to the guide, software, audios and other bonuses. If you lose the download link, simply send us an e-mail and we can give you a new one.

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How do I order the guide?

A. You can order the guide and get all the bonuses by clicking here. To go back to the homepage and order there, click here. There are only a few steps in the checkout process. You are first of all transferred to PayPal. This is where your transaction is processed. After that is complete, you are returned back to our site where you get the download details and full instructions for your purchase.

English is not my first language. Will I be able to understand the guide?

A. Yes, you will be able to understand it without a problem. The format of the guide is in very simple English which anyone can understand.

Is my online purchase secure?

A. Yes, it is 100% secure. We use a merchant bank called PayPal who are the number one online processor in the world, with over 150 million account holders. They process your details safely and securely with the highest encryption standards available. Your download link on order completion is also provided securely by PayDotCom, meaning no one else can take your product when you finish ordering. Using the latest encryption technology ensures your details are safe and secure at all times. You will also see a golden lock in your web browser during the checkout process to confirm the security is in place.

What other payment options do you offer?

A. You can also use non-credit cards such as Maestro, Switch and Solo on the PayPal order page. If you are having problems using a card or PayPal, please contact us for details of additional payment options.

Do you have a physical book or DVD available?

A. Unfortunately not, but we are working on publishing our various books in bookstores throughout the world. We will keep you posted on our developments via our website.

Miscellaneous Questions

What are the aims of

A. Our key aim is to create a better world for those people that want to improve themselves as much as possible. This site will give you hundreds of mental improvement tips so you can achieve your life ambitions and live your dreams. It's only for open-minded, ambitious people who have a burning desire to improve in life.

Where is based

We are based in the United Kingdom. Our parent company is called Mind One Digital Ltd.

I have a question which isn't answered here?

A. No problem! Just contact us and we will respond to you asap. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Try us and see for yourself!

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