Giving To Receive

Giving is one of those things which people have very little knowledge about. Harnessing the power of giving is an essential tool.

So what is the power of giving? Basically, it is helping others by giving to them in a certain way, so that you automatically receive more back by default. A successful academic must therefore give of his knowledge in a certain way to receive more knowledge. An inventor must give and invent things in a certain way to be able to invent more. An artist should give by painting things to become even more creative in painting and a businessman should give by offering products in a certain way to receive the ability to create more products. The power of hiving is not to be confused with charity or philanthropy of any sort which are lower and weak forms of the power of giving.

Giving in the correct way is a super powerful to get what you want, and it works everytime because it is a law that we will always get what we give. Below, you will find some essential points and tips regarding the power of giving so that you can accelerate yourself towards genius intelligence and achieve your dreams.

1. The power of giving is harnessed when you have the correct mindset. Mindset is everything, because quantum physics teaches us that our mindset has a profound impact on the reality we live in.

2. Harness giving power by living in the moment. This has been said a million times already but it is still worth a mention here. Living in the moment is that important and must never be ignored as a bystander. When you live in the moment and decide to get on with what you need to do to achieve your goals, the subconscious power comes to the fore and makes you hundreds of times more efficient. Living in the moment is essential and compulsory for the power of giving to take place.

3. Make sure you focus on giving in your life, and not receiving. The truth is that we have already received so much by default that in order for us to receive more, we must give. Our sight, our hearing, our wealth, our family, the environment around us, colours, sounds, tastes, experiences etc etc have all been given to us by default. We did almost nothing to receive them. In order for us to receive more, we do not have to do too much, except that we give what we have in the correct mindset so that we get more in return. It is like a river which needs to constantly be flowing from one end to the other. In this case, whatever is being received in our lives, we must give a small portion of away to make sure that the cycle of abundance and receiving continues to flow. 

The essence here is to be of service to others in no matter which way you give, as opposed to servicing yourself. When you are serving others in the moment, you are actually increasing the return to yourself.

4. Make sure you are detached from your giving. This means that when you are giving, do not focus or think about what you are going to get in return. You should simply be focused on genuine service and make it a habit that you serve other people by giving to them. In fact, never think about what you will get in return, as this will stop it from happening. Remember, the important thing here is the mindset.

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