Good Places To Go For IQ Tests

If you want to find out what your IQ score is, taking an IQ test is a great way to find out how your compare to other people on basic areas of intelligence. Below, you will find a few suggestions that are both interesting and unique ways. Some of the tests are better than others, but the objective here is to provide you with variety.

1. Take a Mensa Test. Taking an official Mensa test requires a certified psychologist to be present. This therefore ensures the test is as fair and as accurate as possible. Visit to find examples of puzzles you can perform

2. Take an online test from the International High IQ Society. They have several tests ranging from those which are just for fun, serious tests, and genius tests which take months of hard work to complete. Visit Some of the tests are culturally biased, but others are very accurate

3. Go to the cerebrals website at They have many tests which you can download in PDF format and attempt at your own pace.

4. Attempt the Glia IQ Test found here.

5. Attempt the Promotheus society test found here

6. Go to your local psychologist and ask for an IQ test.

7. Take a professional test at

8. Take a mindmedia IQ test by clicking here

9. Try the BBC's IQ National IQ Test, available here.

What To Expect

Each test will operate in a different way, and some will have clear biases towards some forms of intelligence. Other tests can be uncommonly difficult, depending on your IQ. The best advice I can give is to take an online one just now, to get a general idea of where your intelligence is at. Then take a professional one administered by a psychologist to get an accurate rating.

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