Habits You Can Use To Boost Mental Creativity

Repeating the following exercises will help you boost your creativity This will happen repetition allows them to become habits, so that the underlying positive changes happen automatically.

1. Learn to remain relax in all situations, whether good or bad

We should learn to remain relaxed at all times. This includes the ability to stop worrying about past and future occurences. When we worry about the past, we let the past rule us in the present and future, so that we end up getting the same things in the future which is what we had in the past. In other words, we will go through the same cycle again and again. When we constantly think about the future, we are effectively worrying about it, so that we forget about the present and lose our immediate traction to our goals. We should also learn to keep a physically relaxed body through taking deep breaths and relaxing the neck muscles. We relax the neck best by rubbing it from behind, and also the shoulder areas to relieve tension. Living in the moment at all times will boost your concentration and focus.

2. Examine your assumptions and eliminate them one by one

When you examine your assumptions, you are examining the roots of what you are saying, doing or acting on.  This will allow you to remove any unwanted bias which is stopping you from achieving the goals you desire. Bias can be in the form of emotional, belief or random thinking and debate without having the proper understanding of a topic.

3. Expect good things to happen, and expect that you will achieve your goals with flying colors

When you expect yourself to achieve a certain thing, that expectation will play at the back of your mind, without you having to inflict any effort on it whatsoever. This means the changes will take place in your life automatically, because the expectation of your goals without question will make them all the more easier to achieve.

4. Look only for the best approach

When you look only for the best, the best will come to you. Don't settle for mediocrity. Expecting the middle will get you the middle. Expect the top and the best, and you will get it. Expect only the best, and look for the best in all things. Do this automatically and form it as a habit. This will make the best come to you 100% of the time.

5. Look at life as a game. Don't be serious

Seeing life as a game, is seeing it from the perspective of a child. The child's perspective is the best perspective, because it is the most natural way to act for a child. The way adults act and think, is the way that they have been taught to act and think by other adults, which is not natural. Instead, that is man made. Therefore, follow the perspective of the child: live life in the moment, become fascinated in life without question, live the day for the day, see only the green grass, aim and expect all your goals to come true.

6. Remember your goals on a daily basis

If you don't remember your goals, how can your mind expect to remember where you are going? That which is out of memory, is out of reality. Therefore, remember your goals on a daily basis. Life is a vehicle which is always moving. Our objective is to nudge the vehicle into the right lane, so that we end up in the destination we desire.

What To Expect

The above six points are simple steps which anyone can implement, yet which hardly anyone does. This is exactly why they are so powerful. If you develop these 6 habits into your life, people will be shocked at how quickly your life changes.

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