Form New Habits

Our habits are the cornerstone of what we become. Habits are not only difficult to overcome, but we must also learn to be able to form new habits if we are to achieve our goals in the quickest time possible. This is because old habits can be based on our old and false assumptions. Therefore we must establish new habits and make massive decisive action towards our goals if we are to achieve them. Below you will find some additional tips to help you form new habits successfully. These are critical if you are to increase your intelligence systematically, and create the lifestyle of a genius who gets everything they desire:

1. Create a strong focus in your life, and then look at what is away from this focus.

When we create a focus, we create a direction. After this we can simply look at our habits and see what is detracting away from our goals. This will reveal what you need to change, and then it is simply a process of self-realisation to take those negative components away.

2. To remove addictions, we must realise that it is not the object of our addiction that we must change, but we must change ourselves from the inside out.

We do this by realising that what has happened in our life is not actually who we are. It is simply what is happening now because of what we were, thought and did. We need to make the self-realisation that everything in our life will change, if we simply take the step to realise that all power lies within, and let this thought blossom and grow to overtake and engulf our lives.

3. Be open-minded and challenge all assumptions.

Our habits are founded on what we have done in the past, and these actions have become automatic as accepted ways of thinking. We need to challenge the foundations for these actions, as we might be doing something completely silly without even realising. There is no assumption or belief in our lives that can go unchallenged. You simply need to understand the GeniusIntelligence material in the deepest and most fullest way possible, so that you can understand what are solid assumptions, and what lies on baseless beliefs.

4. Pay attention to where your life is heading and where your focus is heading.

When we have focus, the focus will remain until acted on by a net force to change the direction of the energy which our focus created. We therefore always need to be in a state of focus if we are achieve our goals inthe quickest time possile. There is no excuse for a lack of focus, and even if that means that we get rid of our commitments to family, friends and others, then so be it. Our lives and our dreams are at stake, and time is running out to achieve our goals. Dreamers lose in life. Live your dream, and become who you want to be. This self realisation will happen when you decide to pay very close attention to where your life is headed, which will require you to be brutally honest to yourself.

5. Accept that you might have to do a habit which you have never done before, or had never even knew existed as a possibility.

The correct way of doing things will seem invisible and impossible to us until we get that understanding into our awareness. The correct way is on this website and has been passed down for thousands of years for the consumption of those that seek it. We must realise that what he have done in our lives, is simply only the result of what we have seen others do, or what our parents/guardians have done. We can only learn from those around us. Now learn that those around us and our parents might have done things in completely the wrong way, to thus limit their lives, and create a world of lack and limitation, where in reality there is none whatsoever.

6. Accept that changing of your habits is compulsory for you to achieve your goals.

There are no ifs and buts to this. We must decide and only go down the route of change to ourselves. This will not only make the change acceptable to you, but will also make it compulsory. If you make it compulsory for you to change, then you will change.

7. Set a list of habit targets to achieve and when you believe you will achieve them. 

Keep this target in constant view so that you do not forget it. When we decide to create a target, and decide truly to only go down that route to achieve the target, we are forcing ourselves to become efficient and make the change happen. There can be no laziness for someone who creates a target.

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