How To Have A Proper Open Mind

Most of us like to think we are open minded, but is it really a good thing to be open minded? Most people would say yes without question because the opposite, which is narrow-mindedness, tends unilaterally to point towards low intelligence and arrogance. Below you will find some insights to help you understand the truth in this topic:

1. An open mind does not necessarily mean that a person is open to new beliefs and ideas.

On the contrary, open mindedness is in fact influenced by beliefs more than anything else. The problem lies in that people will be open to ideas and beliefs without any supporting evidence to back it up. From this, they therefore assume that the idea or belief is true. On the other hand, even with evidence, we tend to be "open-minded" to the obscure and non-evidenced idea or belief.  

2. An open mind is a form of narrow mindedness.

You cannot be genuinely open minded. There is always a limitation in your thinking, and this is where the narrow mindedness comes in.

3. Proper narrow mindedness, through specialisation of your life is the correct way.

This is because when you have fully formed the correct beliefs and ideas about a thing, it is better to be narrow minded towards what you know is true, rather than open your mind to seemingly impossible possibilities. Also, when you specialise and become a certain type of person, you will be able to see the right way towards the success you desire.

4. To have an open mind to intelligence increase is natural, because the nature of the universe is one of increasing functions.

Everything wants to live, and everything wants to grow bigger, stronger and better. This is also true of your brain. Your brain does not want to be limited, it wants to expand when you allow it to. You allow it to expand when you understand how mental expansion works. This is contained in The Complete Guide To Genius.

What To Expect
When you have a proper open mind, you are in a position to possess a solid foundation to move upwards. The trick is to maintain specialisation in your chosen field, so that you will have an open mind subject to your speciality.

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