Increase Intelligence

To increase intelligence is all about refining and working your mind as much as possible, so that your intelligence can increase to much higher levels.

There are 2 main ways to increase intelligence:

1. Increase your raw brain power

2. Improve your knowledge, wisdom and expertise

To improve your raw brain power is about doing many things, such as mental training techniques, improving diet and nutrition, regular execise, behavior modifications and similar. All of these things will work to improve your raw intellectual capacity for success.

Alongside that, you must also apply your new found intelligence by doing things correctly and efficiently. With the right system of knowledge and skill in place, moving towards your goals just becomes a lot more easier than you could imagine.

1. Begin to improve your raw intellectual potential

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First, by improving your mental ability, you can raise your IQ significantly. This also means enhanced creativity, logic, grammar skills, problem solving, SAT scores and similar. All of these will work to have you feeling immensely powerful in your mind and is easily the first step in improving your mental power.

Next, you want to improve your diet and behavior as much as possible to raise intellectual potential. Diet can have a tremendous impact on your levels of success going forward. When you improve your diet as much as you can, you make it easier to achieve the success you want. You move quicker and faster towards your goals, as your mind becomes crystal clear, disciplined and clear of all mental fog. This is essential to your success and must be understood.

Things you can do to improve diet are:

a) eat lots of fruit and vegetables, every single day. These are awesome for your brain and are clearly worth it in both the short and the long term. By improving your mind with these super powerful nutrients, your mental success becomes a lot more easier.

b) Eat smaller, healthier meals. This means eating staple foods that are natural, instead of junk foods like burgers and fries. These positive and healthy foods are excellent for making you feel good on the inside. They will enhance your positive feelings inside immeasurably, make you feel more confident and re-invigorate your success hugely.

c) Take regular exercise, learn knowledge, apply yourself and remain disciplined to your goals. All of these will help you to fall into the highest states of achievement very quickly. As you move towards your goals and fully apply yourself in all behavioral areas, your success will become a lot more easier to achieve. You will simply be able to go the extra mile in everything you do, making your mind crystal clear and helping to raise intelligence. All of that will happen because you have invested in a strong mental foundation, through all of healthy eating, exercise and learning.

2. Begin to acquire more wisdom

The wisdom you acquire is crucial to success and is the other major component of intelligence. As you acquire more wisdom, your skill, expertise and knowledge to achieve the things you want will dramatically increase. Wisdom in fact is the real intellectual ability which we should all strive towards. Raw intellect on its own is very limited in its power.

History in fact is full of stories of people who had high intellect, but ended up achieving very little. A situation like that only happens because wisdom has not been applied.

Wisdom in fact comes through life experience, and constantly and always striving for more knowledge. As you strive for more knowledge as much as possible, it becomes easier to make better decisions, better choices and to achieve the things you want.

Here are some ways to acquire wisdom and knowledge:

a) Learn from the experts as much as possible.

Always learn from the experts every single day. Stay upto date and enhance your skillset to totally higher levels. When you keep upto date, you will be well ahead of everyone else in the game. You will always be making much better decisions, and will be able to go further and more enthusiastically towards success.

To begin that, read books that they have wrote, listen to audio programs, attend seminars, subscribe to expert blogs and so forth. Research in fact who all the top experts are and who people are receiving advice from. When you increase your knowledge in the right areas, you will get your results in the right area as well.

b) Associate with wise people and turn away from the non-wise.

This is in fact very important and critical. If you turn away from the non-wise and only associate with the wise, your mind will only think in wise ways.

The secret here in fact is that who you associate with is who you end up becoming and mimicking. So if you want to be wise, you need to associate with wise people as much as possible. You will need to do the things that they do, if you want to get the results that they get. There is no other way. Your whole success in life is created by your ability to push yourself into the highest states of efficiency which can only come about by assocating with the right people, as much as possible. This in fact is a superior way to increase intelligence more than you may realise.

c) Be super goal orientated.

Having goals, and striving towards these goals is absolutely crucial to achieving long term success. As you move towards the goals you've set, you begin to acquire and develop much greater focus, concentration and ability to apply your mental faculties. Applying the mind is crucial to success, and all success lies in accessing and utilising your potent mental forces.

Your mental forces are in fact deeply ingrained and inherent within you. They are resources which are just sitting there and waiting to be accessed by someone who has the tenacity, power and mental focus to bring those powers out.

You will bring your true mental powers out through goal orientation. When you have clear, defined goals you want to achieve, the mind and all its cognitive aptitudes will work to make it a reality. There is simply no other way.

Begin to use this secret by writing your goals down every single day. Have 10 goals you want to achieve, and write each of those goals down on a blank sheet of paper, every day. Do it in a spirit of faith, growth, expansion and poise. It will then work brilliantly to have you feeling fantastic, driven and optimistic on the inside like never before.

All in all, this is a good introduction to raise intellect. We will be updating this article in due course with more tips and secrets to help you succeed.

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