Intention Manifestation

Intention manifestation is the art and technique of manifesting your intentions into physical reality. That is, to manifest your mental thoughts into physical, manifested constructs. Intention manifestation is something which can be mastered when you know the techniques and strategies of how to do it. This article will look into intention manifestation in more detail, starting with the basics.

You Cannot Manifest Your Desires Or Dreams

Instead, you can only manifest your intentions. Desires and dreams on their own don't have manifestation power, because they are attachments to the outcome of manifestation. To detach from the outcome of manifestation and charge your desire with intent to form an intention is the only way that a manifestation can come about. So never think in terms of desires. Think in terms of intentions, and refining your intent to manifest.

Your Intention Must Be Detached From The Outcome Of The Intention

This means to focus purely on the act and process of manifestation. The more you give through the act and process, the more you will get. This is a law of physics which cannot be underestimated. So long as you are concentrating on giving and utilising the act and process of manifestation, instead of the outcome, you will be on the road to successful manifestation. In layman terms, this is about living in the moment. Momentary living will help you detach fully from your intentions and charge it with true manifestation power.

You Must Utilise Your Intention Through Diligence

Diligence is the act of thoroughly planning your intention road to manifestation. In other words, you will have a clear, crystal cut plan of how you're going to go from A to B. The processes of this plan will be extremely detailed and follow a multi-pronged approach for success. Your plan must be followed intentionally, and is the process by which intentions fully manifest. In fact, this secret of DILIGENCE was first explained in the Old Testament by King Solomon who was said to be the wisest person who ever lived. By following a diligence plan, your intentions will manifest in the quickest way possible.

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