How To Keep Motivated
Towards Your Goals

Sometimes we can lose the motivation to keep striving towards our goals. This normally happens because of factors which have influenced our focus. To therefore maintain our focus towards our goals is the best course of action to keep our motivation. Below you will find some useful tips to put you on this path:

1. Do not expose yourself to anything that will make you lose your focus.

By this, we mean mediums of communication which can interrupt our thought momentum. For example, radio, TV, movies, newspapers etc. These things talk about lack and problems. They demoralise us and provide us ill-advice. We must always remember that the people who have written or produced these documents have done so dependant on the minds of the people. The minds of the people are one of beta-ness, lack and low. We therefore must transcend these mediums and focus purely on our goal. This is the ideal which we should attempt to strive towards.

2. Remember that believing is seeing.

This is more important than what you are actually doing. Your beliefs and mindset will act as the vessel by which change takes place. Simply working as hard and as fast as we can is not the correct way. We need to make sure that everything we are doing, is founded and has a firm belief that what we are doing is going to help us achieve our goals. This in turn will help to elevate our belief that success is certain. We should always keep our faith in our goal sky-high, and be conscious of where it is. When we have firm faith, there is nothing which can stop us. The goal is guaranteed.

3. Be conscious of when you are getting bogged down.

This is very common. We do something and we fail to see the bigger picture or the wider implications of what we are doing. This is because we have not set a clear target and goal of action. When we decide to write down our plan of action, we are charging our plans with a firm physical resolve which allows us to act correctly. Also, we must remain detached from the outcome. When we are attached to what is happening, our mindset changes as the attachment changes. This will lead to drastic oscillations in mindset (e.g mood swings, confusion and uncertainty) which we cannot afford. We should remain detached and concentrate fully and 100% on the act and the process.

4. Lack of motivation is always caused by something inside you.

Like a vehicle has to always eventually go to the station to load it with petroleum, your mind must also remember the goal and vision which you have set for yourself. This will allow your mind to keep its momentum. If we just simply go after our goal without knowing the fine details of what it is that we want, we will end losing momentum because it is not what we genuinely want. Therefore, the cause of the problem lies inside you, in that you have not decided what you genuinely want. Once this is done, you should define it as clearly as possible and keep it in mind when your body wavers. This will help to re-instate your momentum with mental fuel.

5. Remove all energy leakages from your life

This means you should never do anything which is away from your intellectual goals. Everything that you do, in some form or other, should always be related to your goals. This will mean that the energy you are creating from what you do is going to go into the manifestation of the end-result you seek. This change is at the quantum level and is explored in other articles.

What To Expect

When you remain completely on the right track, your progress will improve by leaps and bounds. This is mostly the result of mental and mindset change more than physical change. It is therefore important that we defend our course of focus and action so we can achieve the intelligence level we have set out to enjoy. Other effects include

A. Increased narrow mindedness and specialisation. In other words, we will become more in tune with receiving our goal. To be open-minded here will lead us to manipulation to act as an energy leakage.

B. Increased insight into future courses of action. We will know what to do to achieve our mental goals, because we will always be seeing the next 2-3 steps.

C. Increased drive, focus and belief.

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