Kundalini Energy

Using kundalini energy is an easy way to increase the effort towards your goals. Kundalini energy in itself is a pure form of creative energy which rests within us, and allowing it to be drawn forth is an excellent tool for quick manifestation of your visions. Below you will find some helpful tips to allow you to increase this energy naturally.

1. Creative energy can be accessed by living in the moment.

When you live in the moment, you are not judging or second guessing your life. You are focused purely on the act and process, and therefore give 100% mental attention to this. In turn, the result is a a 100% guaranteed manifestation, because you will receive back in the way that you have given out. Living in the moment also allows you to detach from the creative energy, so that your thoughts do not impede on the laws which are operating.

2.  Creative energy is latent in all things.

By moving our mind into the unconscious territories, we are allowing our mind to access greater creative potential. Therefore, when we act towards our goals, it is not just ourselves which will begin to change, but the immediate environment too. This is why we speak of luck. It is the environment which is changing to create the supposed luck.

3. We can access creative energy through fear.

When we are in a state of fear, our mind becomes more efficient, and our body is in a state of action. We are therefore motivated biologically and emotionally, to implement change. It takes us out of our comfort zones, and puts us into the zone of creation and manifestation.

4. Creative energy can be accessed through meditation, crystals, yoga etc.

There are many practises which allow your kundalini to be accessed. Many of these rituals go back thousands of years. Meditation and yoga for one is excellent, because it relaxes the mind and allows the free flow of energy around the body. Crystals operate at a particular vibrational frequency, and some of these allow kundalini to rise through a process of vibrational attraction.

What To Expect

When you access kundalini energy, life changing events will occur very quickly. Your body will become more efficient to allow for rapid change, because you will be on an emotional and psychological edge that continues to propel you forward. The manifestations which arise, will happen through you, and therefore it is important that you have the correct beliefs and mindsets, so that positive and not negative changes arise, from raising and activating your kundalini.

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