Law Of Reflection

The Law Of Reflection states that whatever you do, think or feel will be reflected back to you. The reflection is of greater quantity, focus and power. It is a law which is not apparent to most people and so they continue to experience problems in their life, so it is necessary to clarify the principles of this law so that you can complement and respect it to further your goals.

1.  You should always speak, act and do things in the way that you would ideally want the world and your life to be.  For example, if someone were to speak ill of you, you should ignore it completely and speak highly of them. They will then, almost miraculously end up speaking highly of you too.

2. You should be mindful of the fact that everything you do, think or feel will have a physical effect. No matter how small it may be, the cumulative effect over a period of time can be quite large. For example, if i continued to collect 1 cents coins, i would eventually have a dollar and this same principle applies in this case too, in that small changes will eventually make a big difference.

3. We should always continue to make steps to improve ourselves. This will mean the world will always continue to improve for us.

What To Expect From The Law Of Reflection

A. People will become a reflection of what we want them to be, from the way we speak to them. They will speak highly of us, if we do that to them.

B. Increased clarity and focus in our lives if we give ourselves focus. When we know that what we do will be reflected back on us with greater power, we will continue to remain focused to help ourselves.

C. Increased insight into life's situations. It no longer becomes a mystery why the same situation continues to crop up time and again. We are creating it from what we are giving out.

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