The Laws Of Energy

The laws of energy refer to the laws which underpin all of existence. These are the most important laws of your life, and much more important than the man made laws which we see around us. When you complement and understand these natural laws, you are well on the way to making all your mental dreams come true. These are much more important than "controlling your thoughts" or "developing your thoughts" as we are speaking from the most fundamental level upwards. Below you will find some crucial learnings that will help you to think and act in the right way regarding this topic:

1. The Laws Of Energy (LOE) are the basis for all phenomena. These are the most important laws which determine everything that happens in your life.

Everything which happens in your life is bound by LOE. For example, the screen which you are looking at just now is bound by hundreds of complex laws. The more common ones include the laws of electricity, light, gravity, composition, motion, colour, sound, and this is not even considering deeper quantum laws which opens another dimension to laws altogether. No man on the planet can argue with any of these laws with their man-made laws. So which is more powerful and demands our attention? There are also laws which underpin your thoughts and what kind of thoughts you receive.

2. The LOE are extremely exact.

It therefore leads to exact responses, situations and occurrences. We do not build a house using the principles of engineering, and then all of a sudden, the house collapses because the principles have changed. The principles are exact and consistent.

3. The LOE are completely inflexible.

These means we have no power over them. We have to conduct our lives depending on these laws as we can only harness their power and not bend the rules.

4. The LOE are encompassing because everything is made up of energy in some form.

This means they are present everywhere and in everything. Everything happens because of natural laws created by God alone.

5. The LOE are Unseen Forces.

The ceiling that is above you just now rests on laws of energy, but we only see it as a ceiling being held up by the walls at its side.  However, there are hundreds of complex laws in place to stop the ceiling falling on your head which we have no comprehension of. Similarly, the laws which are allowing you to read this text are part of the Unseen, as are the very movements of your body. Your body has Unseen aspects. You merely need to cut your abdomen open to see the Unseen workings. The computer you are on has Unseen aspects. You only need to open it up and you will see the hard drive, CPU etc.  Everything has Unseen elements and it is a part of everything.

6. Thoughts are bound by the laws of energy.

This means your thoughts operate under certain laws, and we can accelerate and obtain the right thoughts by doing things in a certain way.

7. A thought in itself can influence a law of energy.

Thoughts have creative power. They have the ability to manifest and make it law that certain things should come about. By this, I do not mean bending the laws of energy. I mean making the laws of energy act within a system to eventually manifest our thoughts.

8. We can harness the laws of energy to make our dreams come true, by doing things in a specific and special way.

This way you will find in The Complete Guide To Genius. There are certain ways of doing and acting on things that will allow manifestation of your mental desires to take place in your life.

What To Expect

Harnessing and complementing the laws of energy will make you a genius beyond recognition. You will become the best at everything you do, and will beat everyone in every way possible. Your life will be perfect, full of wealth, abundance, health and happiness. These are laws which are definitely there to be respected and abided by. Breaking the laws is what has caused all the problems which humans could ever experience.

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