The Laws Of Thought Are The
Laws Of Energy

The most purest form of energy is thought, because energy in its purest form is thought alone. So the laws which govern energy, are also the laws which govern thought.  The implications of this are that if you harmonise with the laws of energy, you will harmonise with the laws of thought, and get the thoughts, ideas and insights towards your goal. Below, you will find some critical lessons to help you implement this into your life.

1. Living in the moment allows the right thoughts to come to you.

This way of acting and thinking actually has far reaching effects. Living in the moment allows the energy at the base within you to be expressed. So you are increasing both your connection to the base, and the energy which comes from it. If we simply take energy as meaning thought, we will receive the right thoughts through this. The objective is not to conjure up things yourself. The objective should always be to do things in a particular way so that what we already have is expressed.

2. The laws of energy and thought are Unseen forces.

That is, they are forces which we do not see or feel in anyway. The power of this, means that we should always be mindful of how we do things, since we may in fact be violating a fundamental law without realising. When we increase our awareness into the Unseen, we will start to notice how what we do and think, has a direct effect on us receiving subsequent actions and thoughts based on what we did previously.

3. The laws of thought operate like water in some respects.

When we hoard our thoughts, we will receive more of them to accumulate to that hoard, so long as we do not give away our thoughts externally (in whatever way). This happens up to a certain point. The point is when the thoughts decrease significantly. Them, you should give your thoughts away by implementing and acting on them. This in turn will lead to more thoughts eventually, and the cycle will repeat. The situation also applies to energy correlations, such as money. It is not something which stays still. It is dynamic and constantly changing.

What To Expect

This brief introduction to the laws of energy, means that we are always either moving directly towards, or directly away from our goal. Situations, like water, do not stay still. They are always changing depending on what mental structure we have established. The thoughts we receive are not a still function. We are either receiving the right thoughts or the wrong ones. To make sure we receive the right ones, we must understand that thoughts follow certain functions and processes, which are always in operation. Just like the law of electricity, will continue to be so, whether it is raining or sunny or whatever, the laws of thought are the same. They are applicable in all situations and at all times. We must therefore increase our awareness, and learn the factors and resources which can allow us to create the right thought structure moving forward.

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