Left Brain Vs Right Brain

The left brain follows a completely different "way" and process of thinking from the right brain. The left brain sees things in an analytical, objective and logical manner. The right brain on the other hand is more symbol and metaphorically orientated.

The two operating separately would make it appear as if the person had two brains which were in direct contrast to one another. However, when operating in co-operation, a person can combine both logical and metaphorical aspects in their thinking.

In order to develop a particular brain, it is therefore necessary to focus on doing things which complement its attributes. For example, if I were to develop my left brain, i would embark on logical analysis and maths. If I were to exercise my right brain, i would indulge in art work.  

Being either left or right brain orientated is completely normal and variations between the two are simply a result of genetic variation.  However, no matter which orientation you have, you can easily re-program your brain to forge new neuronal connections in the opposite half.

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