Lifelong Learning And Intelligence

It is those who learn as much as possible throughout their lives, that will tend to show greater levels of intelligence. But why is this? And how can we go about making sure that we learn the right things? , as opposed to those things which will limit our intelligence and decrease the chances of achieving our goals.

1. We need to firstly specialise and know what it is that we want to be in life.

From this way, we can specialise in learning only those things which allow our dream to come true. For example, there is no use in learning about how to go fishing or become a Formula One Driver, if our primary goal is to become a genius and invent a flying car. Our primary goal is what we are going to specialise into, so it is vital that we do the right things and only learn those bits of knowledge, which will help us achieve our desires.

2. Be very picky as to what you learn

If you just learn anything, you will lack a focus and direction. Remember, all directions must start off in the mind, which means your mindset must be such, that it allows the free flow of the right energies. We need to focus our energies on our goal, by only learning an focusing on the goal. Everything else is a complete waste of time, unless it is indirectly aiding in our goal through additional tools.

3. Learn only when there is a genuine need to learn

We should not be learning simply because there are things to learn. In your chosen field, there will always be something more to learn, a lot of which will not necessarily be on the right track to your goals. We therefore must learn only when we have a need to do so. If everything on the path to our goal seems to be going fine, there is no need to learn anything else. If anything, learning additional things can actually make you lose your focus

4. Be careful not to learn too much

If you know too much, you will ruin the power on action. Remember, knowledge has no power whatsoever. It is only potential power. True power comes from applied knowledge through practical application.

5. There is a lesson to be learned everywhere

If you are not living your dream, there is a lesson in that. Every moment you are not in your dream, you have lessons to learn, which are the stepping stones to move you up.

What To Expect

When you continue to learn the right things throughout your life, you will have enormous power and focus in your life. You will be able to recognise patterns as they appear, and be able to do the right thing at the right time. This is vitally important for the aspiring genius, because success in life comes from doing things in the right way, and not what we do.

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