Simple Lifestyle Changes That Will Help
To Boost Intelligence

Changing your lifestyle once and for all is the key to moving towards higher intelligence and the life you desire. Below you will find a summary of simple steps you can take to put your life in the right direction. Some of these steps might have been explored in other articles, but my aim here is to summarise it for you so you have all the information at once:

1. Learn to do one thing at a time only.

The secret is that it is not what you do, but how you do it. When you are doing one thing at a time, you will do and give your best for the task. Eventually, in everything you do you will be giving your best, and from here you will get the best. Mental focus allows more energy to flow to what is focused on. This means an increase in your awareness of the secrets of the focus object, and in the object itself.

2. Learn to eliminate all leakages for your life and only follow the path towards your goals.

This is the very definition of decision itself. When you decide to eliminate all the energy leaches such as friends, family, TV, computer games, magazines and other distractions, and only follow one course, you are making a decision to change your lifestyle and change your life. You cannot change what you do without changing yourself, so this decision to genuinely remove leakages is a fundamental change in who you are.

3. Respect your body.

This means to eat healthy fruit and vegetables and maintain a balanced diet full of all the healthy nutrients and foods. This will allow your mental skills to sky rocket and remain sharp, since a healthy body is a healthy mind. When you abuse your body, you will attract negative thoughts which will lead to negative occurrences in your life.

4. Respect other people. 

The most common form of disrespect is to speak as if we are higher than others. The truth is that we will get what we give by law, so if we speak and act as if we are higher than others, eventually the world will speak and act as if it is higher than us, therefore controlling our lives. This is a negative seed return because it is to our detriment to be control-less and attract negative situations.

5. Become independent of outcome.

This means that you should learn to be unaffected by the circumstances which appear in your life. For example, you should not treat or feel bad, just because someone has said something bad. You should not be deterred to do something just because no one else is doing it. In essence, what you want to practice instead is the Law Of Reflection which states that thinking, doing and acting a particular way, will make that way apparent in your life.

6. Learn to take charge of your life by acting, as opposed to reacting.

When we act to further ourselves, we actively make sure that we are on the right track independent of what others say. When we react, we are reacting to other people and circumstances and allowing these things to influence and effect our lives. Therefore, it is in our interest to act and take a hold of our lives for our own sake, so that our dreams can come true. The best way to do this is to set a goal and only do those things which further you towards the end result.

What To Expect

No matter what steps we take to increase our brainpower, they will all be useless until we decide to take some simple steps to improve our lifestyle and complement our own mental strengths. These steps are essential to achieving success of any kind because they allow the proper function of your mental energies. If you are to increase your mind power, you must therefore implement these behavior changes and stick to them.

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