Maintaining Magnetic Mind Power

Maintaining magnetic mind power is about continuing to keep the magnetic capability of your mind alive. This capability is important, because it allows your thoughts to magnetically accumulate, leading to physical manifestations.

1. You must maintain a solid, clean diet at all times

Your diet is essential and fundamental to your success. By maintaining a super clean diet, you allow yourself to achieve high levels of success easily and naturally. You fall into the state of pure potential, which allows you to access positive possibilities easily. The positive possibilities are only possible in a pure potential state, in which all the outcomes are available to manifest. If you block off the pure potential state with your own thinking, then only limited possibilities can occur.

By keeping a super clean diet, you allow yourself to have the necessary concentration, focus and clarity of mind to achieve super favorable outcomes. When the mind is not in this state, then these outcomes cannot happen.

2. You must make action on a daily basis

By taking action, you reinforce positive thinking and the move towards your ideals. You increase in faith and self confidence in your goals coming true. You increase in discipline, efficiency, in focus and concentration which are all essential qualities for success. By having this all in shape through daily action, you set yourself up to achieve things quickly and easily. You get things done and you feel good about it.

3. You must associate in the right environment

By being in the right environment, you allow yourself to maintain an open mind. This open mind allows your thoughts to expand to its fullest extent, and to grow bigger and stronger. This can't happen when your mind is haphazard, or in a case where there are limiting beliefs in place. This is also why its advisable to associate with positive, optimistic people who have an understanding of success and can achieve their goals accordingly. Positive people will allow you to feel positive and optimistic about your goals and the actions required to achieve them. They will increase your confidence and make you feel good about yourself. This does not happen with negative people.

Also, you should associate in an environment where people are busy achieving their goals. For example, a big city where everyone is working and striving is excellent because you will be constantly exposed to success all around. Contrast this with the country side, where there is hardly any people, and the wilderness in its calm and quietness causes you to be slower and calmer yourself.

4. You must have the right beliefs

You must always believe that things are going to get better, and that your life is always moving towards your goals. This is an essential quality of success, and also allows your thoughts to increase and accumulate through their magnetic nature. Having the right beliefs fills you with confidence, high levels of self worth and self expectancy. It allows you to be open minded and see the possibilities of what can be achieved. You will then see the possibilities and take advantage of them accordingly.

In conclusion, maintaining magnetic mind power is crucial to your success. These 4 points will allow you to take full advantage of this to help you become a true genius.

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