Mental Training

This article is a quick guide to help ensure that your mental training towards your intelligence increasing goals are well planned and constructive. It is for those who are struggling to create an adequate schedule or maintain it.

1. Maintain the focus of where you want to go.

This is similar to consistency, but with an added dimension. When you are truly focused towards your goals, you are moving to receive it through mental, behavioural and attitudinal dispositions. True focus requires all 3, and not one or the other. You cannot say you are going to do this and that, but then sit around for 2 days and do none of it out of laziness. The focus must always be there, and it will be kept when you take steps to protect it. This protection is in the form of not "chopping and changing" the way that you do things, and instead, through making consistent and decisive action.

2. Adapt your schedule to your lifestyle.

This will give you the time and the drive to get things done. It will give you time, because you are training your mental faculties at a time and place at your watch, and you are following the mental programs which suit you. Mental programs are flexible, so being flexible as to how you apply it will help to ensure that your mind increases in its mental flexibility and strength too.

3. Set up a journal of your training schedule.

When you sit up a journal, you are setting up a plan. When there is a plan, there is a direction and goal to which you are aiming to achieve. If the plan proves to be unrealistic, don't automatically bin it. Instead, adapt and continue to modify your journal, until it is an exact fit to the type of training schedule you want.

4. Be consistent in your schedule.

When you make consistent effort, you will get consistent results and move yourself upwards to higher levels of understanding consistently. When consistency is broken, so to if everything else that it brings. Not only will your progress halt, but you will feel lazy and almost indifferent towards your training. This is the worst state to be in, so a good way to avoid it is to always be in constant physical movement, and wary of maintaining focus towards mental accomplishment.

5. Make sure you take breaks between training sessions.

This might seem totally obvious, but i am always surprised by how many people seem to go training on and on without taking any breaks to help themselves recover. When you take a break, you are allowing your mind to catch up with you. It also allows you to look back at what you've done to assess your progress.

6. Make sure you are in a calm place in which you will not be disturbed.

Again, another no brainer, but important to stress nevertheless. If you fail to keep yourself calm, you are effectively allowing constant distractions to take a hold of you and further you from your goals.

7. Be sure not to overtrain.

here are loads of techniques one could use to boost their mental abilities, but the fundamentals to make sure you make good progress lies in solid training coupled with solid recovery. Mental training is actually pretty gruelling and tiring for your mind, even if it doesn't feel that way. This means that both subtle and dramatic drops in mental performance can be a result of adequate or overtraining. It is therefore crucial that you take days off training to ensure that you recover correctly. This can be 1-2 days off max per week.

8. Use a Genius Intelligence Brain Harmonics product.

This is an excellent way to help you achieve the correct state of mind to help towards your goals. Your brainwave state has a profound impact on your ability to think and act in situations, and therefore achieving the correct mental balance internally is an easy way to put you into the right mental and behavioral frame of mind.

What To Expect

When you decide to take the right steps and move towards your goals with a decisive training plan, the momentum will eventually gather and make your plan a daily habit. The gains which you will experience will come easily and naturally, as a result of continuous and cumulative mental and physical action.

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