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These mind power articles are easy to understand, and provide conventional and additional topics ranging from beginner to advanced level on improving your mind. The most basic and general Mind Power article is here. Each level below provides progressively more powerful ideas for change, though the explanations are not necessarily more complex. There is naturally a lot of overlap so these are not strict categories. Our advice is to read those articles which suit your interest, before moving on to the genius articles.

The advice given here is incredibly diverse, and covers many topics. Every person has a different interest and goal, so you should try and use those articles which are best suited to your goals rather than trying to do everything at once.

Once you get the basics (ie beginner things) handled, you can move onto much more advanced topics. Some of the information is theoretical in nature whilst for other articles it is more practical orientated. Have a look and see what you like.

Beginner Level

These articles will give you some basic tools to help develop your mind power. The articles are simple to understand and will provide you a firm grounding for mind development moving forward.

Become Smart
Book Types To Boost Creativity
Boost The Brains Of Your Employees
Harmful Effects Of Certain Foods On The Brain
How To Generate New Ideas
How To Keep Mentally Fit As You Age
How To Study Effectively
Increase Intelligence
Increase IQ
Life Long Learning And Intelligence
Nine Easy Peasy Ways To Improve Memory
Improve Memory


Intermediate Level

This area is for those who have a decent understanding of what can be achieved by the mind, and who wish to explore into more subtle topics for change.

Affirmations To Re-Program Your Mind
Boost Your Concentration And Focus
Calming Emotions For Mental Clarity
Eight Ways Hypnosis Can Help You Live A Better Life
Speed Reading
Protect Your Thoughts Through Your Body
Subliminals To Change Your Life
Take On Someone Elses Mindset

Advanced Level

This is not a super-advanced section, but for those who simply want an edge. The principles and concepts discussed are designed to refine your mind power.

How To Keep Motivated Towards Your Goals
Lifestyle Changes To Make
Mental Training


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