Do One Thing At A Time

A secret to continuous development and progress is to do only one thing at a time. This might seem to be common sense, but 99% do not practise it. The magical effects from this are only revealed through practise. Below, you will find some lessons to help you understand why doing one thing at a time is critical to your success:

1. When you do one thing at a time, you can give your best in every moment.

If you give yourself the best in every moment, the only result is that you will achieve the best and receive the best back in return. It is this mindset of giving 100% in everything that you do, that will allow you to receive it back. The truth is that you cannot receive, until you give. Giving in the moment allows you to receive in all situations.

2. Doing one thing at a time allows insight to be gained.

When you continue to give something your sole focus in all of mind, body and emotion, you will gain significant insight into how to achieve distinction in it. Therefore, if we set ourselves a goal and only act towards achieving the goal, we will gain all the insights that will allow us to achieve it.

3.  Doing one thing at a time creates mental discipline of your subconscious.

In other words, it will allow you to properly harness the power of your subconscious mind effectively, and allow it to reinforce your actions towards your goal. When we always have a sole focus, our subconscious mind is forced to adapt to that focus. This subconscious adaptation allows you to consciously direct your subconscious mind.

What To Expect

Doing one thing at a time is critical for success. Distinction is only achieved when we give the best in everything which we do. We should therefore always maintain our integrity, desire and belief system so that we can continue to do one thing at a time, and give and receive the best back. You will find that your productivity increases, you are more efficient, you achieve more success and that your mind becomes a lot more organised and willing to assist.

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