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There are many physical exercises you can do to help you to increase your brain power. However, exercise on its own won't create the huge effects in intelligence that you want, if you also don't modify your behavior and thinking. So, using exercise is good, but just make sure that you also have other things in place to take advantage of the new found IQ that exercise is going to give you. This article is an introduction to "physical" training where your brainpower will increase as your fitness does. Below you will find some helpful tips to successfully implement this part within your overall brain training program:

1. Physical exercise is an excellent way to improve the overall function of your nervous system and brain.

Not only does a better circulatory system lead to increased blood flow to the brain, but it also leads to a widening of the arteries which provide blood to it. The effects of this is that artery widening through carbon dioxide flow is permanent, so your brain will be able to take on new resources permanently through exercise.

With more oxygen flowing to the brain, you are in a better position to operate your mind at its highest level.

2. Train towards a particular goal.

There is no point doing physical exercise, if you don't have a specific goal in mind which you want to accomplish. Have a specific goal which you want to achieve, and then follow through with that, by using various methods, is exactly what you need to make the most from it. Once the goal is set, create a training program to achieve it. Make a list of steps, and then follow those steps to completion. This might be difficult at first, but it will become easier over time.

3. Focus on physical exercises & sports you like and which will get your heart pumping.

The variety of things you can use here are extremely diverse. You can choose anything from athletics to team sports to solo running to swimming. Each training exercise will have unique benefits, but it can assist to enhance spatial intelligence, perception, hand to eye movement co-ordination, your ability to be precise, memory abilities, mental alertness and lots of other things. The sports which you should really concentrate on are those that deal with heavy cardiovascular training, like running, swimming, rowing or cycling. You don't want to do things which are violent (e.g rugby, boxing etc) as the chance of injury is high. Stick to safe sports for your brain.

4. Always try to be totally consistent in your training schedule.

Your goal most certainly is not to win the Olympics. Your objective is to use exercises to improve the health of your brain. The exercise you use isn't as important as maintaining consistency of the training to get solid results.

After a while, you won't need to train at all, because the permanent structual changes in your body which you are looking for will have taken place. A good program is one that is maintained for at least 6 months, but the longer the time spent, the better it will be. Longer training times means more time to allow your arteries to permanently widen, and this is vital for enhancing your mental functioning to much higher levels than previously.

That the fitter you keep yourself, the fitter your brain will be. A fit body will give you more oxygen supply and nutrient transport for your brain, leading to a higher IQ and sharper mental processes.

Start off with a very basic exercise regime if you don't have one at all. 2-3 times per week of gentle jogging will help you tremendously.

What To Expect

You can expect a 10-15 IQ points increase from regular exercise and training. This is well worth it because it's easy and can quickly fit in with your lifestyle. After 6 months, you can continue with your training program for the health benefits if you so wish.

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