Using The Power Of Intention

That which you intend will manifest in your life. The secret in manifestation is therefore actually intending in the first place.

It's easy for me to intend one thing or another. For example, I can simply intend to make $100 million in 3 years and build my dream mansion. This might seem to many a large goal, but to intend it simply by saying it is 100% easy. What most people do not realise however is that there is a huge difference between saying your intention, and then keeping up the momentum in your life to make the intention come about. 

The truth is that saying your intention is not actually an intention at all. It is simply saying. A true intention on the other hand, is one which is sowed deeply in fertile mental soil so that it reaps what it sows. It is an intention that when done, takes on a life of its own without there having to be any genuine effort on your part whatsoever.

The trick here is in how we intend. Dr Deepak Chopra, a famous New Age thinker, talks about a "Field Of Intent" as a certain level of existence by which intentions manifest in our material plain. When a thought goes into this plane, it is charged with the power of intention and takes on a life of its own automatically. This is the level where we should drop our thoughts into, so we simply need to put our minds into the correct frame of thinking for this to happen.

So to begin intending correctly, we need to exhibit strong mental calm and silence. This will allow the intention to fall deeper inside ourselves, which is the fertile soil which we require. Second, we need to have our intention in mind during this mental silence, and this is best expressed through a visual representation than simply through words. Words are a correlation of thought and take time to explain things correctly. A picture is better than a thousand words.

Therefore, to intend correctly, we must see the image of the end result we wish to intend and do this in a completely calm state of mind. Doing it for a few seconds a day should be enough.

Thereafter, we should detach completely and 100% from the outcome and get on with our day to day lives. That is all that is required for the intention to become concrete. There is no need for willpower or trying hard, or doing all the hard work yourself. All you need to make sure is that you properly detach because attaching to the goal acts as a conscious barrier to stop the subconscious making it true. You will do this by practising momentary living and showing a genuine interest in life.

So to conclude, the field of intent is a powerful means to manifest so placing an intention here will charge it with power.

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