The Power Of Intuition

Intuition is what makes the difference between someone with a 180+ IQ and someone who doesn't. The two are not the same. Intuition in itself is completely natural, and to always rely on intuition is also completely natural.

So what is intuition and where does it come from?

Well, intuition comes from the subconscious mind which is the seat of our intelligence and genius. The intuition itself is always the correct answer to a particular situation or problem, because the subconscious mind can process all the possibilities which our conscious mind cannot. Someone who can therefore properly identify and use their intuition can be said to be a genius, because they will always say and do the right thing.

In terms of the qualitative feel of intuition, it will be like an "aha" moment or a fine thought which cannot be distracted. It is more easily recognised when we have a calm and thought free mind, because then the subconscious rooted thoughts can differentiate from thoughts which we ourselves have created consciously. Below you will find some key steps to develop your intuition, and therefore bring you closer towards becoming the genius of your dreams.

1. Practice mental silence.

This is the state of mind where you are completely free of thoughts and are silent and calm on the inside. It is achieved by having a strong focus and direction in life, and learning to think only those thoughts which bring you closer towards your goal. It can be helped through silent meditation (i.e. no visualisation).

2. Have a clear vision in life.

When you have a clear vision, your intuition has a clear direction. Your intuition will therefore give you the thoughts which you require to achieve your goals. You will imprint your vision into the subconscious mind when you visualise it in mental silence.

3. Live in the moment.

When we live in the moment, we allow the subconscious mind to take over the day to day running of our lives. This allows all the thoughts which result to be intuition, because subconscious thought is intuition itself. This will make us become a genius in all areas of our life.

4. Develop a genuine interest in life.

This is very similar to living in the moment, but with an important difference. We need to take a genuine interest in the things which happen in our life, so much so that we begin to see life as a game where we can eventually win. Life is a game where you are guaranteed to reach the final level and win, when you allow the subconscious giant within to show you the way.

5. Refrain from expressing opinions, judgements and debate.

When you express your opinion, you will develop a tendency to express your opinion. This is because of the law of binding, in that what you do, you will do more of. The implication of this is that when we do get an intuitive thought, we will be prone to express our opinion and judgement over it, thus demeaning the power of the intuition which arose and making us not act on it. This is the root cause of all inaction in our lives. We fail to act on our dreams, because we stamp down on our intuition that shows us how to achieve our dreams.

6. Pay attention to thought urges. 

A thought urge is a type of intuition which keeps coming back again and again over time. It is a signal to say that you must do a particular thing. It may come in the form of an image, sound, colours, image sequences or whatever. In either case, they must not be ignored and must be acted upon. These images can be both negative and positive. Don't worry, you will eventually know what to do to act on the thought urge. Just make sure that you do act, and follow the action through to completion.

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