The Power Of The Seed

Seeds and seeding are two fundamental concepts which will have drastic and revolutionary effects in your life. Below you will find some essential tips to harness the power of the basic Seed Principles, whilst you still have the time in your life.

1. Life is all about planting seeds.

It is about planting seeds at the right place, and at the right time, to allow for growth to take place. For example, to build a mighty oak tree, we merely need to plant the acorn seed in the right soil. To create a human being, we merely need to join the male and female gametes. To turn the computer on, we merely need to press a switch. We do not have to do the whole work. We simply need to take the first step only.

2. All you have to do is plant a seed. You do not have to do the whole work.

When you plant a seed in fertile soil, you do not need to do anything. Your work is done. The growth will take place due to the natural resources which are already there. It is this which grows the seed and allows it to mature. We therefore, in our lives, should not be trying to do the whole work. The more we try, and the more we push, the quicker we will get blown out. All we have to do is plant the seed, and the work will be done. The rest is easy. This is what people really mean, when they say that you should work smarter and not harder.

3.  When you plant a seed, a seed return will always take place.

This means there is always a return on your seed investment, which can be negative or positive in nature. We must therefore be careful not to plant a seed in the wrong place. This is why reality is regarded as a mirror, in that whatever you put in, and how you put it in, is what you in turn will receive back.

4. The best place to plant a seed, is in firm mental soil.

There is a mental soil which is extremely fertile, and it rests deep inside you. It can be accessed using The Complete Guide To Genius.

What To Expect

When you plant your seeds in the right place, your life will change dramatically. Not only will you achieve your goals with flying colours, but you will have a proper understanding of why things come about the way they do. It is because seeds have been formed in certain places, and the return from this reflects the quality and nature of the seed.

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