The Power Of Thought

Thoughts are a powerful substance in the universe because it is a fine form of energy which can penetrate into things. Below, you will find some key lessons regarding the awesome power of thought:

1. We have approximately 50,000 thoughts every day.

Imagine if you had only one thought in the whole day, or even 50,000 thoughts of exactly the same thing. The power which this would generate would be enough to change the whole world. The reason for our thoughts not being able to wield this level of power, is because we have not focused our thoughts and decided to specialise and be one type of person only. When we decide to be a particular person, we harness the correct energy through the correct mindset.

2. A thought is a form of creative energy, and creative energy is thought.

A thought has creative power. Every single thought which you have will have some effect on the world around you. If we have the same thoughts over and over, we will hammer that thought into the thought force in the world and make it take on a creative life of its own.

3. A thought can penetrate into anything, and be picked up by anything, at any part of the universe.

A thought is a means to direct energy. When you focus upon a particular thing, creative energy flows through it to make it more real. This is why visualisation is such a powerful tool for change because it establishes a structural link by which the creative energy can transfer to, at any distance.

4. Thought follow the laws of energy

Thought is the purest form of energy. Therefore, complimenting the laws of energy will allow us to receive the right thoughts.

What To Expect

When you understand and use the supreme power in thought, you will be able to make your life perfect in any way possible. You will understand that within you lies the center of the universe, and the center of all power. Everything can be formed by you and you can achieve all your goals. This will give you a sense of certainty and definite purpose that we can achieve anything which we set the correct mindset upon.

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