Seven Secrets Of The Power
Of Visualisation

Visualisation is the most powerful natural tool a man can have. Unfortunately, it is also the most underrated because hardly anybody understands its true power. An image in your mind has many secrets, which we aim to talk about below:

1. A mental picture paints a thousand words.

You can explain so much more diagrammatically and as an image, than can be explained through words alone. This means the ideas which you are wishing to express are effectively leveraged and more clearly expressed, when you see it as an image instead of just as words.

2. A mental image is closer to reality.

Reality is a series of images and experiences. To therefore see our goal as an image as opposed to words allows us to more readily connect with its achievement in reality. (See The Level Of Intent)

3. A mental image can be constructed in the future.

What we see around us is images in the present. An image in our mind can be put forward into the future. This therefore allows us to see that image in relation to things which have yet to come about in our lives.

4. A mental image is easy to produce.

Visualisation is like a sense that does not need to be taught. It is a natural ability that allows us to achieve our goals easily and with very little effort on our part. The secret is to use it in concentrated and particular times of the day only, so that we are constantly kept on the right mental track.

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5. A mental image can be perfected.

An image can be extended and refined to properly match our goals but this is not the case in reality itself. Changing the image in our mind is the first step to changing it in the world, and never the other way round.

6. A mental image can be reinforced with colours, emotions, sounds, movements etc.

Adding life to your image, makes it more real. Making it real allows us to fully grasp it in our mind. When you fully grasp it in your mind, then you will grasp it in your hand. The mental form is always the foundation for the physical form.

7. A mental image is easy to remember.

An image can be recalled almost at will. This therefore allows us to constantly stay on track towards our goals. We cannot do this so easily with words. It is difficult to remember the whole sequence of words that fully describes our goal. No such thing exists anyway.

What To Expect

Visualisation is the most underrated method for intelligence increase, since it will provide you significant advantages over other techniques. Namely:

A. You will have an increased occurrence of luck.

B. You will come out with the right things at exactly the right time

C. You will have a stronger ability to focus and concentrate on your goals

D.  You will have a stronger desire, momentum and automation towards achieving your goals.

E. You will increase your faith in your dreams and desires.

F. You will allow the subconscious and unconscious minds to take control of your images and make them true.

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